The Best Way To Buy Luxury Holidays

The Best Way To Buy Luxury Holidays

When choosing your luxury holidays who will offer you the​ best deals?

The critics of​ the​ travel agent often say packaging your own holiday saves you money and this is​ what you should do but in​ today's volatile world is​ your money safe? Should you pay more to​ an​ agent for peace of​ mind? Should you book your luxury holidays directly with an​ independent operator and cut out the​ middle man? There are so many options to​ consider,​ so what do you do?

As with most things in​ life there are advocates with a​ strong argument in​ favor of​ all the​ options,​ so who should you listen to?

I guess the​ conclusion will be different depending on​ your perspective,​ how much money is​ too much to​ risk? Typical luxury holidays will cost between £2k and £20k and that is​ the​ cost of​ a​ good second hand car,​ the​ deposit on​ a​ house for your son or​ daughter or​ that new luxury kitchen or​ bathroom you have always wanted. Would you buy a​ car from a​ man you had never met,​ based in​ a​ country where you couldn't speak the​ language,​ pay the​ man the​ money three months in​ advance of​ seeing the​ vehicle without any guarantee of​ financial protection? Probably not!

On the​ other hand you may be tempted if​ that man was offering the​ same car as​ your dealer down the​ road at​ a​ much lower price.
Surely the​ answer lies somewhere between the​ potential savings,​ potential risks and the​ amount you intend to​ spend but do you really know what the​ potential risks are or​ how much you have really saved.

Every high street in​ the​ UK typically has one or​ more of​ the​ multiple chains of​ travel agents and usually a​ local independent agent both of​ which seem to​ be closing down at​ a​ rate of​ knots. the​ problem with both these options are fairly straight forward; if​ you book your luxury holidays with the​ multiple that is​ in​ turn owned by the​ tour operator,​ then surely recommendations will be biased to​ their employers products and not necessarily finding you the​ consumer the​ best deal. the​ second option being the​ independent travel agent but being based in​ the​ high street and encumbered by the​ cost of​ expensive shop rents and ridiculous business rates,​ are they really in​ the​ best position to​ offer you the​ biggest discounts on​ your luxury holidays? Again the​ answer has to​ be probably not.

Booking your luxury holidays online seems to​ be the​ way the​ trend is​ going,​ so how do you know that you are getting the​ best deal? Many suggest you should book with the​ tour operator direct as​ this will cut out the​ need for the​ operator to​ pay an​ agent commission and in​ turn deliver you better value for money. the​ question is​ without trawling through all the​ hundreds of​ tour operators how do you know you are dealing with the​ one that has the​ best luxury holiday offers. You Don't.

You can of​ course book your luxury holidays independently as​ suggested before. So you go ahead and start hunting for the​ different elements of​ your holidays on-line and inevitably find that packaging them together saves you a​ little money but at​ the​ cost of​ financial protection.

The next option is​ using a​ member of​ one of​ the​ new travel agents consortium in​ the​ UK. One of​ the​ most successful and fastest growing is​ the​ Freedom Travel Agents consortium which is​ part of​ the​ Co-operative Group. These consortium have created a​ new breed of​ travel companies that have access to​ both an​ ABTA and ATOL licence allowing them to​ retail other tour operators luxury holidays as​ well as​ act as​ the​ principle tour operator and dynamic package your luxury holidays for you,​ much in​ the​ same way as​ you would on-line but providing you and your family with the​ financial protection you need.

Having access to​ all the​ tour operators products at​ the​ touch of​ a​ button and having specialist knowledge of​ each operator and their strengths and weaknesses mean that often these agents will be able to​ find the​ bargain you may have otherwise missed.

As a​ consortium there are considerable savings to​ be had by its members and often much better commercial deals with the​ tour operators allowing more freedom to​ discount. the​ leaner and more efficient a​ business can be the​ greater the​ saving for you the​ consumer. the​ best of​ these agents can be found on​ the​ web and so unencumbered by those high street costs and in​ turn able to​ offer you the​ consumer the​ greatest savings on​ your luxury holidays.

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