The Benefits Of Article Marketing As A Form Of Website Promotion

The Benefits Of Article Marketing As A Form Of Website Promotion

I have been reading recently about the​ benefits of​ article marketing. a​ recent post to​ the​ ezinearticles blog asked if​ writing articles was worth wasting time over. I have been writing articles for quite a​ long time and in​ my opinion it​ certainly is. I will explain why I think it​ is​ in​ this article.

Around a​ year ago I wrote my first article and posted it​ to​ ezinearticles,​ which many people regard as​ the​ best article directory/website. Looking back I have to​ admit that I did not really know what I was doing,​ and in​ truth the​ article was not that impressive. I continued to​ write more articles and continued to​ make mistakes.

Unlike other directories who seem to​ accept any old article,​ ezinearticles check what you​ are submitting. in​ these early days a​ guy called Wally would regularly e-mail me with advice on​ how I could improve my articles. at​ that stage my articles were too short,​ not thought out,​ and basically rushed. I did not realise the​ value of​ writing articles and did not make the​ required time available for this form of​ web promotion.

I found it​ difficult to​ keep thinking of​ new material and fell into another trap of​ re-submitting articles I had already written. I would change a​ few words or​ would re-word paragraphs. I was not aware that this was against their guidelines,​ however Wally soon informed me that it​ was. Tip,​ always read the​ guidelines.

I am now spending a​ lot more time when I write the​ articles and feel that they have gradually improved,​ this has been confirmed by Wally himself I am pleased to​ report.

As for the​ benefits of​ writing articles and is​ it​ worth your time and effort? I have had e-mails from all around the​ world from people who have enjoyed reading my articles,​ maybe I am a​ bit sad but this gives me a​ little buzz. Some of​ these people have included the​ article in​ their blog or​ on​ their website,​ thus creating an​ additional backward link to​ my website/s.

The people who read the​ article are potential visitors to​ your site,​ a​ visitor you​ would not have had,​ had you​ not written the​ article. That visitor could of​ course turn into a​ client or​ purchaser of​ your product/s.

For me search engines are going down the​ path of​ seeing one-way backward links as​ by far the​ most powerful form of​ link. Many people are offering link exchanges with other websites to​ boost their page rank or​ search engine position. There are many automated link building programs which make link exchanges even easier to​ obtain. Search engines have realised that this is​ taking place and place a​ much lower value on​ these type of​ links. One way links are not as​ easy to​ obtain,​ however writing articles has the​ potential of​ creating many one way backward links to​ you​ site and therefore is​ a​ must for any serious webmaster.

I have not written nearly two hundred articles and have seen huge increases in​ traffic to​ my websites as​ well as​ increases in​ their page rank.

People may disagree with my belief that article marketing is​ worth the​ time and effort,​ I do not really care as​ it​ works for me.

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