The Advantages Of Anonymous Surfing Software Over Web Based Anonymizers

The Advantages Of Anonymous Surfing Software Over Web Based Anonymizers
Each time we search to​ buy products online,​ visit chat rooms,​ log on​ to​ use our internet banking,​ visit our favourite news or​ financial sites – all this information is​ logged and stored as​ our personal surfing history .​
This is​ done via our IP address.
This information about all the​ websites we have visited can be used to​ construct a​ profile of​ our browsing habits and this information is​ valuable to​ website owners,​ marketers or​ even the​ authorities .​
These records are all stored and held by our Internet Service Providers (ISP's) and can be easily bought and sold to​ those interested parties.
To protect us from these people,​ we can surf the​ internet anonymously either via web based free anonymous surfing tools or​ by downloading anonymous surfing software .​
By using either method,​ no records of​ our surfing history can be traced back to​ our IP address.
So which is​ the​ better option?
Web based anonymous surfing tools are known as​ web anonymizers .​
They are usually free to​ use and the​ process is​ relatively simple .​
You go directly to​ the​ anonymizer website and type in​ the​ URL of​ the​ website you​ want to​ visit .​
The anonymizer website then redirects you​ to​ the​ site destination,​ which sees the​ anonymizer website server as​ the​ IP address and not your own IP identity.
A free web based anonymizer is​ definitely a​ convenient option if​ you’re an​ occasional surfer...however if​ you​ surf the​ internet more than two hours every day,​ going backwards and forwards to​ the​ anonymizer website can be quite tedious.
The biggest problem however with web based anonymizers is​ that most of​ them are not enabled with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or​ SSH (Secure SHell) encryption .​
In other words,​ you​ cannot connect to​ banking,​ shopping and other secure sites which use this technology.
Commercial anonymizers or​ anonymous surfing software,​ are systems that you​ download and install as​ a​ client application .​
This software manages all the​ details of​ anonymous surfing for you​ .​
As soon as​ your browser is​ loaded,​ our connections are automatically anonymous...and there is​ no tedious visiting of​ an​ anonymizer website.
The main advantage however is​ that the​ best anonymous surfing software will be enabled with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or​ SSH (Secure SHell) encryption and protect from not only web browsing but from other web based applications such as​ email,​ ICQ,​ IRC etc…

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