The 5 Benefits Of Automatic Software Promotion

The 5 Benefits of​ Automatic Software Promotion
Developing your new software was probably a​ long and extensive process,​ now that it​ has been released,​ it​ is​ about time to​ promote and expose your 'piece of​ art' to​ as​ many users as​ possible in​ order for them to​ download and evaluate the​ benefits of​ using it​ and eventually - buy it!.
As a​ software developer,​ you​ probably already understand that in​ order for new potential clients and your existing users to​ find your products,​ you​ must submit them to​ as​ many download sites and software directories as​ possible – the​ more,​ the​ better!

The only problem is​ that there are hundreds of​ download sites and directories out there,​ each of​ these require you​ to​ learn their special requirements and submission policies,​ while eventually leaving you​ expending hours and days on​ boring mechanical form fillings,​ site after site.
A quick calculation shows that on​ average it​ requires an​ entire working day to​ submit one product to​ 50 download sites/directories .​
Submitting to​ about 700 available download sites can take a​ minimum of​ 112 hours,​ or​ 14 workdays!
It was just a​ matter of​ time for someone to​ develop an​ effective solution that automates the​ complete process and relieves software developers from this boring and frustrating task .​
And indeed,​ some professional automatic software submission and promotion tools were developed so that they are able to​ complete the​ entire task in​ less than an​ hour!
So,​ in​ about an​ hour your software is​ actually ready for download by numerous of​ potential users and clients from all over the​ globe who are visiting these download sites everyday .​
a​ professional automatic software submission and promotion tool can provide you​ with the​ following benefits:

(1) Saving time and effort involved with manual software submissions.
(2) Expanding Your Sales Opportunities
If your product is​ already registered on​ an​ affiliate program,​ the​ submission tool will automatically register your affiliate ID on​ many download sites that already support affiliate programs .​
These sites are pleased to​ promote products such as​ yours as​ they earn a​ commission for each sale.
(3) Increase Your Site's Incoming Traffic
Submitting your software to​ hundreds of​ download sites,​ exposes your site's links to​ numerous visitors and potential clients .​
(4) Improve Your Search Engine Page Ranking
Submitting your software together with your site's links to​ relevant categories in​ hundreds of​ quality download sites,​ creates hundreds of​ quality 'Inbound' links pointing at​ your site - search engines appreciate these links,​ and so improve your search engine page rankings,​ bringing you​ even more visitors and potential clients.
(5) Advantage over Competition
Quickly and easily reach new potential clients ahead of​ your competition.
Most professional automatic software submission solutions are easy to​ use,​ however,​ it​ is​ always recommended to​ use a​ quick software submission guide that covers more helpful information and provides important tips .​
Try the​ following guide:
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