Technology Behind The Egg Photo 360 Degree Lens And 360 Degree Software

Technology behind the​ EGG photo 360 Degree lens and 360 degree software.

This is​ the​ absolutely unique optical device was developed out of​ mastery of​ the​ catadioptric processes and opto-electronics. This is​ compatible with most still and video digital cameras. it​ can be used easily by directly mounting on​ camera lens. it​ is​ different from Fisheye lens and panoramic lens.
This technology is​ entirely different from Fisheye lens and panoramic lens,​ the​ fisheye lens is​ a​ wide-angle lens that takes in​ an​ extremely wide,​ hemispherical image and it​ is​ originally developed for use in​ meteorology and astronomy. on​ the​ other hand EGG Photo 360 Degree lens is​ specifically designed to​ take 360 degree virtual tours in​ just one shot.

Egg photo 360 degree Technology:

The perfected a​ lens specific to​ 360° imaging virtual tour. This absolutely unique optical device was developed out of​ the​ mastery of​ the​ catadioptric processes (combining lens and reflectors) and opto-electronics (lens,​ reflectors,​ sensors and processors). the​ device is​ compatible with most still and video digital cameras on​ the​ market and can be mounted directly on​ the​ camera lens.

This optical innovation is​ combined with software developed by EGG Solution. the​ combination makes it​ possible to​ take photographs or​ to​ shoot a​ movie at​ 360° in​ one shot,​ without editing. an​ impressive result is​ obtained from an​ image in​ the​ form of​ a​ disk,​ which is​ processed by means of​ the​ virtual display software,​ which emerges in​ a​ form of​ a​ 360 panoramic image.

EGG Solution is​ developing in​ advanced .360° image capture technology as​ the​ demand for digital imaging and interactive imaging steadily increases. EGG Solution is​ focusing on​ a​ core group of​ key verticals that have demonstrated strong interest in​ utilizing 360 optical imaging tools to​ create compelling content for the​ Internet,​ CD-ROMs,​ and DVDs. EGG Solution company serves the​ Photography,​ Law Enforcement,​ Safety & Security industries with its EGG Video 360 Surveillance System; and the​ Photography,​ Real Estate,​ Travel,​ E-Commerce,​ Entertainment,​ Sports,​ and Broadcasting sectors


Ultra Light - Power full:
•Less than 12,​4 ounces,​ Field of​ View: 360° x 90° ,​ Patented Optical technology ,​The relationship between the​ height and diameter of​ the​ optic provides optimal visibility.

•A spherical optic is​ made out of​ aluminum,​ allowing for the​ maximum reflection of​ light.
•Integrated UV filter.

Minimum focal length : 135 mm

• Weight : Less than 12,​4 ounces
• Height: 187 mm
• Maximum diameter : 137 mm
• Thread size : Ø 46 mm
• Integrated UV filter
• Field of​ View : 360° x 90°

Accessories :
• Holster case
• Microfiber lens cleaner
• Multi-ring adapter kit
• Cap

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