Taking Care Of Mental Health

Tips on​ Taking Care of​ Mental Health
Mental health issues affect nearly 15% of​ the​ population. This data can be alarming,​ considering that 2/3 of​ those diagnosed with mental disorder remains untreated. While mental disorders are sometimes caused by chemical imbalance in​ the​ brain,​ some of​ these are caused by the​ experiences that we need to​ deal with,​ such as​ death of​ a​ loved one or​ some other tragic or​ traumatic experience. Hence,​ the​ goal is​ to​ maintain a​ good or​ positive mental health,​ where one is​ able to​ take control of​ his life and able to​ cope with any and all situations that come his way. Here are some tips on​ taking care of​ mental health.
Always stay happy. This may sound vague,​ but there are many ways to​ stay happy. Remain positive and optimistic. Look at​ the​ bright side of​ life always.
So how do we stay happy? First,​ we must learn to​ balance our time. After a​ busy day or​ week,​ take time to​ relax. Do something pleasurable with your friends or​ family. it​ can be a​ hobby,​ sport or​ a​ simple activity. Aside from balancing our time,​ we must also manage time well. to​ minimize stress,​ make a​ schedule of​ the​ things you​ will do,​ and stick to​ it.
Be tolerant of​ others. All of​ us are different in​ many ways,​ so we must learn to​ accept each other’s ideas and opinion,​ even if​ it​ differs from our own. Learn to​ accept the​ weaknesses and shortcomings of​ others. Once we learn to​ accept,​ there is​ a​ lesser chance of​ conflict,​ which can be stressful and frustrating.
Spend time with your family and friends. Find time to​ talk to​ someone,​ even if​ you​ don’t make sense at​ all! What is​ important is​ the​ act of​ sharing your experiences,​ worries or​ problems with somebody. you​ must also learn to​ listen to​ their worries for them to​ feel better. in​ effect,​ not only have you​ helped yourself but you’ve helped your friend too.
Maintain a​ healthy lifestyle. you​ know the​ basics. Eat healthy food always. Exercise regularly. Sleep well. Avoid ​Drug​s and alcohol. Quit smoking. Avoid doing strenuous activities. Take time to​ rest.
Sadly,​ though,​ depression and other mental disorders affect children and the​ young. Parents have an important role in​ the​ child’s mental health. Parents must learn to​ communicate with their kids and at​ the​ same time listen to​ them. in​ their dealings,​ let the​ kid feel appreciated always. Acknowledge their strengths instead of​ focusing on​ their weaknesses.
Their coping abilities must also be developed. if​ they commit mistakes,​ explain so they will learn from them. Allow them to​ develop a​ sense of​ responsibility by letting them solve problems as​ well as​ make decisions. Teach them the​ importance of​ discipline and selfworth. Discipline them without making them feel unloved or​ unworthy.
Lastly,​ accept them for who they are. With acceptance comes love,​ respect,​ and everything else.
The key to​ taking care of​ mental health is​ being happy and in​ control of​ our lives. Once we know how to​ take control,​ we are able to​ cope with any and all situations that come our way. Being happy is​ not just a​ onetime event it​ is​ a​ lifestyle. Stay positive always. Learn to​ find joy in​ the​ simple miracles of​ life. And be grateful for each wonderful day.

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