Take A Cruise Have Your Dream Wedding On Board A Luxury Cruise Liner

Weddings can be both the​ most exciting and stressful times of​ a​ person's life. Sure it​ is​ certainly fun to​ design wedding invitations,​ plan your reception and pick colors for your ceremony and bridesmaid's dresses. On the​ flip side,​ the​ woes of​ budgeting for a​ wedding,​ hiring a​ minister,​ hiring a​ caterer,​ and securing entertainment can be just as​ stressful as​ the​ fun parts can be enjoyable.

For those who are trying to​ produce a​ wedding,​ a​ wedding reception,​ and a​ honeymoon on​ a​ limited budget,​ there may be one option that you have not yet explored. Getting married on​ board a​ cruise ship is​ a​ classy yet relatively inexpensive option for your wedding. Most cruise lines carry their very own wedding planner who can put together an​ entire wedding,​ minister (or the​ cruise ship version of​ one) reception,​ catering,​ and all. Wedding planners,​ even for small weddings,​ can cost upwards of​ a​ few thousand dollars but you can secure a​ low cost,​ thoughtful and memorable wedding on​ board a​ luxury cruise liner for less than a​ thousand dollars if​ you are lucky. This is​ on​ top of​ the​ costs of​ traveling on​ the​ ship for the​ duration of​ the​ cruise as​ well. of​ course this is​ not the​ most extravagant wedding,​ and obviously you get what you pay for so the​ more money you put into your luxury cruise liner wedding,​ the​ fancier it​ will turn out to​ be.

Realistically,​ you would not expect all 50 to​ 100 of​ your wedding guests to​ shell out thousands of​ dollars just to​ sail around the​ world with you and your loved one to​ celebrate your wedding with you,​ and of​ course the​ cruise lines do not expect that either. Many lines will allow your guests to​ come on​ board for your wedding and reception for a​ couple of​ hours. the​ liner company may choose for themselves or​ give you the​ option of​ having your wedding on​ a​ docked ship and never have the​ cruise liner leave the​ area,​ or​ to​ sail around the​ port for the​ duration of​ the​ wedding. Most times the​ ship will never even leave the​ port during the​ wedding,​ as​ this can cause problems with marriage licenses when it​ comes to​ what may or​ may not be United States or​ international waters.

There are plenty of​ cruise lines that will give you a​ quality,​ fun wedding that will be truly memorable for you and your loved one. Carnival Cruises,​ Princess Cruises,​ and the​ Disney Cruise line offer fun,​ romantic wedding packages at​ prices that really are hard to​ beat,​ especially when compared to​ the​ combined price of​ a​ wedding,​ reception,​ and honeymoon done the​ more traditional way. Princess Cruises even offer wedding packages that pamper the​ bride and groom prior to​ the​ wedding,​ and add little touches like stringed instruments,​ flowers,​ and candles to​ create a​ ceremony that you,​ your loved one,​ and your guests will always look back on​ fondly.

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