Submit Your Software Automatically To Web Sites

Submit your software automatically to​ web sites.
The GSA Auto SoftSubmit is​ a​ program designed to​ submit software to​ hundreds of​ web sites.
The best software doesn't get soled if​ you​ don't promote it .​
a​ good and easy way is​ to​ submit your software to​ shareware archives .​
Unfortunately this could take a​ lot more time then actually developing your product .​
With the​ GSA Auto SoftSubmit program you​ can cut that time to​ a​ minimum .​
Software submission to​ promote shareware has never been easier with it .​
It will save you​ a​ lot of​ time and money since its fully automated .​
Load a​ PAD file and let the​ program do the​ rest (pad submission) .​
You can even create and edit PAD files (no need to​ use an​ external editor like PADGen) .​
That is​ software marketing at​ its best .​
The program is​ getting updated several times a​ month to​ make sure all included providers (over 3300 archive sites,​ web directories and search engines to​ submit to) still work .​
There are a​ lot of​ web sites with shareware and freeware archives .​
is​ your application listed on​ those? This program will take care of​ it​ and submits your software to​ all of​ them .​
Imagine your software is​ added to​ thousands of​ web sites.
But why is​ it​ so important to​ submit shareware and have it​ listed there? Not only that more customers will find and buy your product,​ but also your ranking in​ the​ search engines will dramatically rise since many of​ the​ shareware sites have a​ back link to​ your web site .​
More visitors result in​ rise sales of​ your product.
A demo version is​ available form the​ homepage

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