Stages Of Development Of Electric Lawnmowers

Stages Of Development Of Electric Lawnmowers

+ Electric Lawnmowers Are the​ Silent Workers.

This article describes electric lawnmower development over the​ last century and the​ advantages of​ electric lawnmowers over the​ gasoline lawnmowers. in​ general,​ advantages are low pollution and low noise. How electric lawnmowers help us is​ described in​ the​ following article.

+ Stages of​ Development of​ Electric Lawnmowers

In the​ countryside,​ there are no high-rise buildings. Each house is​ a​ stand-alone one with neighbors spread apart by at​ least 10o yards. This leaves great chance for each household to​ develop a​ good garden and a​ nice lawn to​ enjoy evenings.

A well-developed lawn has to​ be nicely maintained to​ make it​ look good. a​ maximum 3 to​ 4 inches of​ lawn blades look good and beyond that,​ it​ looks ugly.A 2” lawn blade looks better but it​ requires lot of​ efforts to​ keep it​ short. Lawnmowers were developed to​ help the​ home gardener to​ reduce the​ efforts of​ keeping the​ lawn trim.

Manual lawnmowers are good for smaller lawns. Larger lawns require considerably more efforts. Since the​ time required for trimming the​ lawn was not available with many persons,​ the​ new breed of​ lawn mowers with engines or​ electric motor were developed,​ and they soon became popular with all home gardeners

The electric cable soon became a​ problem to​ be handled with electric lawnmowers and automatic cord winding was developed. the​ next variation was development of​ cordless electric lawnmowers and now the​ in​ thing is​ the​ remote controlled electric lawnmowers.

This is​ perhaps pre final stage in​ development and last one may be computer controlled electric lawnmowers operating on​ sunlight. the​ new ones (not yet developed) will trim your grass without on​ their own,​ and will keep the​ blade length as​ per your desire or​ the​ setting that you have fed in​ the​ database. These lawnmowers will have to​ be electric lawnmowers and cannot go back to​ manual or​ gasoline powered ones

+ Future Belongs to​ Electric lawnmowers

With these major advantages of​ electric lawnmowers,​ it​ is​ no wonder that the​ gasoline engine powered lawnmowers are being phased out for smaller lawns. the​ future belongs only to​ electric lawnmowers whether powered from mains or​ batteries.

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