Staff Roster Software Eliminates Dumb Spreadsheets That Waste Time And Money

Staff Roster Software Eliminates Dumb Spreadsheets That Waste Time And

Staff Roster Software Eliminates Dumb Spreadsheets That Waste Time And Money
If you’re creating or​ managing time and attendance with a​ Staff Roster using a​ spreadsheet,​ or​ worse,​ paper,​ you’re wasting your valuable money,​ time and energy.
It takes most people anywhere from 1 to​ 4 hours a​ week to​ Roster staff and set accurate schedules .​
Mathematically speaking,​ if​ your hourly rate is​ around $25 then your wasting as​ much as​ $5200 every year .​
That also equates to​ around 208 hours or​ 8.5 days on​ the​ beach.
We’re all guilty of​ using spreadsheets at​ one time or​ another to​ create rosters .​
The problem with spreadsheets is​ they require constant re-keying of​ information .​
You can’t search them .​
They don’t show you​ any staff availability .​
Unless you​ have created complex ranging formulas you​ can’t easily predict wages .​
You can’t duplicate rosters without renaming a​ bunch of​ stuff .​
And they don’t have any staff information in​ them - requiring you​ to​ constantly look elsewhere for phone numbers,​ addresses and so on.
The easiest way I​ know how to​ create a​ roster is​ to​ add staff to​ a​ week – not a​ shift .​
Forget creating shifts – that’s for multi-national outfits or​ factory’s of​ hundreds of​ staff,​ all with their big budgets .​
If you’re a​ small business you​ need something off the​ shelf based on​ weekly data entry .​
Simple,​ add staff to​ days of​ the​ week – instead of​ creating complex shift formats that hardly ever comply with actual goings on.
The biggest problem with spreadsheets is​ they offer no feedback during data entry about staff availability .​
We spend hours and hours making calls or​ asking questions,​ writing post it​ notes,​ and relying on​ missed communications,​ in​ order to​ identify when staff are available .​
Imagine if,​ as​ you​ add a​ staff member to​ your weekly roster,​ it​ shows you​ exactly on​ what day and times they are available .​
It would also be useful if​ staff were able to​ update the​ availability schedule themselves so that you​ can see who’s available when adding them to​ the​ roster.
Spreadsheets fail at​ the​ basic need of​ communications between managers and staff .​
They are not integrated with your contacts so you​ can’t quickly see a​ phone number,​ or​ make the​ call from inside the​ spreadsheet .​
Email poses the​ same problem – you​ have to​ go to​ your contacts program to​ email staff.
Another drawback of​ spreadsheets is​ they do not accumulate data on​ a​ periodic basis over time .​
You either have to​ copy the​ sheets and rename fields or​ save the​ file with a​ new name each time .​
This makes it​ virtually impossible to​ search for staff and roster schedule data when you​ need it​ quickly.
Rostering using spreadsheets is​ a​ waste of​ time and money .​
You could literally be spending more time doing other things,​ or​ catching up on​ some rest .​
Give yourself a​ break and look for a​ smart,​ quick roster program.
This is​ what to​ look for in​ Roster software:
• you​ should immediately save up to​ 2-4 hours per week by rostering dynamically
• you​ should be able to​ roster within set company wage budget parameters
• Look for Roster duplication options – amazing time saving feature.
• you​ should easily be able to​ notify staff by email about availability requirements
• Integrated email and telephony options to​ make follow ups a​ breeze.
The most important features of​ a​ Staff Roster are:
1 .​
a​ Dynamic Staff Time and Attendance Scheduler - Roster
2 .​
Dynamic Staff Availability display in​ the​ Roster
3 .​
Staff Availability Scheduling and Allotment
4 .​
Payroll or​ Wage Prediction
5 .​
a​ Staff Team Register for recording Staff details
6 .​
High speed reporting on​ any Windows computer
7 .​
Code to​ ensure proper data entry
8 .​
Should be really easy to​ learn and use.
You could be saving thousands of​ Dollars a​ year and around 8 days of​ time and energy using a​ purpose built tool for Rostering staff.
And you​ can get software to​ do it​ for under 50 bucks!
Spreadsheets may seem like the​ right choice but they do not actually save you​ time and money .​
In fact,​ most people find them a​ nuisance and waste hours/days even weeks creating formulas with pretty formatting .​
Give yourself a​ break and use small business Roster Software .​
You can save yourself a​ small fortune and get rid of​ the​ Staff Roster headache forever.

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