Solid Success Through ACT CRM Software

Solid Success Through ACT CRM Software

Before ACT!,​ a​ division of​ a​ Canadian printing company experienced a​ typical response rate of​ 5% or​ less in​ their direct mail campaigns (data from Direct Marketing Association or​ DMA). After fully integrating ACT! CRM (customer relationship management) software into their business,​ their direct mailing campaign response rate rose,​ not only by 10,​ 20 or​ 50%,​ but to​ a​ whopping 74%! Not only did this increased response do well for the​ bottom line,​ but it​ also garnered a​ DMA 2018 International ECHO Award for the​ company. This just goes to​ show the​ power of​ being able to​ create a​ targeted campaign with specific products for specific customers. ACT! software made it​ possible for this company division to​ re-organize their customer care focus in​ a​ more detailed manner.

According to​ a​ VP,​ it​ was not possible for them to​ generate targeted lists in​ so very short a​ time and with very high levels of​ precision. With the​ addition of​ ACT! CRM to​ their system,​ they were able to​ do all of​ it​ in​ one single day.

Prior to​ installing ACT! CRM in​ their system,​ the​ company suffered through inconsistency and lead tracking methods. in​ addition,​ customer information files had no hub or​ centralized location. They agonized over the​ amount of​ time wasted searching for files from different departments. the​ entry of​ ACT! provided a​ solution for all of​ these problems by standardizing marketing and sales methods and providing a​ central database where all files are stored and organized. Today,​ their concerned employees have access to​ the​ central database to​ use for quick referencing customer information sheets. the​ need to​ run around from one department to​ another has been eliminated. This gave the​ company the​ benefits of​ efficiency and increased productivity.

The level of​ success that ACT! gave them has prompted other divisions of​ their company to​ look into acquiring the​ same CRM technology currently in​ use by this one single division. ACT! software provided a​ solution that gave them the​ necessary push to​ move ahead of​ other divisions in​ terms of​ sales performance.

To fully utilize the​ benefits that they received from ACT!,​ additional ACT! add-on software was installed to​ provide them with automated email marketing and response tracking capabilities. They got all of​ these benefits by integrating Swiftpage with their current ACT! CRM system.

The beauty of​ ACT! software lies in​ it’s compatibility with Outlook,​ Palm OS and other handheld devices. This compatibility eventually evolved into remote interconnectivity where field personnel with the​ right equipment are able to​ access the​ central ACT! database. This assistance that this system provides sales personnel on​ call is​ priceless. Just before knocking on​ the​ client’s door,​ a​ sales person may extract the​ client’s information from the​ database in​ order to​ come up with a​ definitive strategy that will entice the​ client to​ buy.

There is​ a​ lot more to​ ACT! than what is​ written here. of​ all that is​ written though,​ one thing cannot be denied. Utilizing ACT! software helped a​ company rise from the​ doldrums,​ all the​ way to​ the​ pinnacle,​ in​ just a​ few short days.

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