Software The Web Browsing Choice

Software the​ Web Browsing Choice
For many of​ us,​ the​ Internet browsing software we employ allows us do simply that – access the​ various Internet sites we might find useful or​ interesting .​
We find ourselves using a​ particular browser almost by default,​ and think nothing of​ it,​ even when we encounter difficulties .​
But any regular Internet user needs to​ know that there are choices when it​ comes to​ selecting the​ right web browser for you,​ and that this choice should not be limited by aesthetics or​ speed alone – using the​ right Internet browser can also protect you​ while you​ surf .​
Internet Explorer is​ the​ software of​ choice for eighty-five percent of​ web browsers .​
Though perhaps ‘choice’ is​ something of​ a​ misnomer,​ as​ many of​ these people are recreational surfers with little understanding,​ or,​ indeed,​ desire to​ understand,​ the​ workings of​ this type of​ software .​
With the​ simple urge to​ log on,​ look around and log off again,​ they stick with the​ only name they know,​ not realising that there are other options available .​
The oft-used Internet Explorer has exhibited some safety glitches in​ the​ past that should cause some concern .​
While no web browsing software,​ while no software at​ all,​ is​ perfect,​ it​ makes sense to​ choose the​ brand that displays the​ greatest security history .​
Internet Explorer’s nearest rival is​ Mozilla Firefox,​ and though security reports of​ this software initially make more optimistic reading,​ this is​ perhaps in​ part due to​ the​ relative anonymity of​ the​ company that owns it,​ in​ terms of​ the​ general web surfing public,​ and the​ lack of​ negative attention it​ therefore receives .​
Many experts,​ however,​ prefer the​ less well known of​ these two,​ and those in​ the​ know are switching in​ their relative droves .​
The company itself refers to​ its software as​ ‘a better web experience’,​ and the​ product undoubtedly offers a​ range of​ superior services,​ including faster browsing,​ improved pop-up blocking,​ automatic updates and,​ perhaps most importantly of​ all,​ stronger security .​
The Firefox browser can easily be downloaded if​ you​ would like to​ give it​ a​ try .​
With an​ eighty-five percent market share,​ Internet Explorer clearly has much to​ defend it,​ but there is​ little doubt that choice is​ a​ good thing .​
Exercise your power of​ choice and try out all the​ options before you​ select the​ web browsing software that is​ best for you.

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