Software Takes Online Trading To Next Level

Online brokers are offering better features today,​ even as​ fierce competition leads them to​ charge less than ever before. More sophisticated software-based trading tools are emerging as​ an​ alternative to​ traditional Web site transactions.

Recently there has been a​ dramatic increase in​ the​ tools made available to​ average traders. Without the​ latest technology,​ brokers with browser-based platforms may not be the​ preferred choice anymore.

Advanced trading methods warrant the​ use of​ powerful trading software. For example,​ investors may want to​ implement "trailing stop" orders,​ which allow them to​ set limits on​ the​ maximum possible loss without setting a​ limit on​ the​ maximum possible gain. This removes the​ need for an​ investor to​ monitor the​ investment on​ an​ ongoing basis.

Software has clear advantages over browser-based trading. RushTrade's Direct Plus software-based trading platform,​ for example,​ provides real-time market data and many features that allow strategic control of​ a​ portfolio.

Perhaps one of​ the​ most intriguing features of​ the​ software is​ the​ ability to​ create and automate "trade strategies." Using RushTrade's software,​ you​ could create a​ long strategy specifying the​ price you​ want to​ receive and the​ market conditions that must be met before your order is​ placed. you​ can also specify market conditions that will cause the​ strategy to​ be automatically cancelled. Trade Strategies is​ one of​ the​ most efficient ways to​ strategically control your trades and manage your risk.

Another benefit of​ software like Direct Plus is​ that most of​ the​ information can be displayed on​ one page and is​ fully customizable to​ suit the​ monitor size. Unlike a​ browser-based platform,​ it​ is​ not necessary to​ repeatedly refresh your screen to​ update the​ data or​ switch back and forth between pages. Software-based trading platforms allow you​ to​ see all of​ the​ information at​ once. Direct Plus actually supports more than one monitor for an​ expanded layout.

Software-based trading platforms,​ such as​ DirectPlus,​ are easy to​ use,​ load quickly and can display multiple windows of​ information at​ one time. This kind of​ software allows an​ investor to​ monitor quotes,​ charts,​ order execution,​ news,​ alerts and more,​ all at​ the​ same time.

Trading software is​ the​ next step for online investors. the​ Internet brought many casual investors to​ the​ stock market. Now,​ software applications like RushTrade's Direct Plus usher in​ a​ new era for online investing.

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