Software Review Products For Creating Better Excel Workbooks

Software Review: Products For Creating Better Excel Workbooks
Microsoft Excel offers a​ variety of​ features and tools to​ create spreadsheets and workbooks,​ but like most software,​ it​ has limitations .​
That's why Excel users look to​ other developers to​ come up with innovative solutions that make creating and manipulating Excel workbooks less time-consuming and more efficient.
Data Presentation Products offers a​ suite of​ solutions for generating Excel workbooks in​ a​ fraction of​ the​ time it​ usually takes while creating Excel workbooks that are better suited to​ viewing,​ printing,​ and analysis .​
The five tools are called EZ-Format,​ EZ-Chart,​ EZ-Pivot,​ EZ-Calc,​ and EZ-Stat; together,​ they are offered in​ a​ product called Xcelerator .​
In essence,​ these products free users from the​ time-consuming aspects of​ implementing Excel's features,​ thereby allowing them to​ utilize more of​ Excel's powerful features in​ significantly less time .​
EZ-Format has a​ wide variety of​ features .​
For example,​ it​ subtotals and totals Excel lists containing no totals,​ column totals,​ or​ subtotals,​ all without every modifying the​ original Excel list .​
Similarly,​ the​ software also formats manually created Excel subtotals or​ replaces them subtotals created with EZ-Format .​
This is​ an​ incredible timesaver,​ as​ evidenced by the​ fact that manually-created subtotals necessitate 79 mouse clicks,​ while EZ-Format only requires seven mouse clicks .​
Like EZ-Format,​ EZ-Chart has numerous timesaving features .​
It can,​ for example,​ create reusable EZ-Chart formats from any user-customized Excel chart .​
It only takes four clicks to​ create identical Excel charts from any data containing the​ EZ-Chart formats preset fields .​
And,​ except for hiding and revealing rows of​ data,​ there are no modifications to​ the​ Excel data being charted .​
An added bonus is​ that chart data and embedded charts are horizontally centered for printing .​
EZ-Pivot allows you​ to​ create PivotTables,​ PivotCharts,​ and Drills in​ literally seconds .​
Unlike Excel,​ you​ can create PivotTables from subtotaled and filtered data .​
Likewise,​ you​ can format PivotTables and PivotCharts,​ as​ well as​ customize Drill worksheets - actions you​ can't perform with Excel .​
Plus,​ you​ can convert Excel-created PivotTables to​ EZ-Pivot formatted PivotTables in​ only two mouse clicks .​
EZ-Calc is​ the​ perfect solution for creating eight types of​ calculated fields: aging periods; reformatted dates; Excel formulas; running totals; percentages; extracted text; conditional negatives; and calendar dates to​ fiscal information .​
You can create Current through 90+ agings in​ as​ few as​ three mouse clicks,​ and can age as​ of​ today or​ as​ of​ a​ specific date .​
And,​ because they categorize data and reduce the​ number of​ data points,​ aging period fields are perfect for the​ X-axis in​ PivotCharts and the​ column field in​ PivotTables .​
EZ-Stat is​ most likely the​ fastest way to​ calculate statistics for Excel data .​
With only two clicks,​ you​ can create Quick Stats for any single data value or​ for all data values that include count,​ sum,​ average,​ minimum,​ maximum,​ standard deviation,​ and median .​
Best of​ all,​ exported Quick Stats are formatted and printer-ready .​
EZ-Stat also allows you​ to​ create Full Stats for combinations of​ up to​ for fields,​ say,​ for each unique occurrence of​ state,​ region,​ product line,​ and date .​
Like the​ other products,​ EZ-Stat never modifies the​ original Excel list data .​
Data Presentation Products' suite of​ software takes the​ pain out of​ creating Excel workbooks - and does a​ better job in​ the​ process!

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