Software Review Does Xcelerator Create Better Excel Workbooks

Software Review Does Xcelerator Create Better Excel Workbooks

Software Review: Does Xcelerator Create Better Excel Workbooks?
If you​ regularly use Excel workbooks and you're frustrated about the​ time you​ spend doing the​ mechanical,​ time-consuming tasks associated with formatting and analysis,​ help is​ near at​ hand .​
Data Presentation Products,​ a​ Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner,​ has developed Xcelerator,​ a​ suite of​ five products that quickly and easily performs mundane steps in​ minutes .​
Xcelerator is​ a​ breeze to​ install,​ and easy to​ learn to​ use .​
It consists of​ EZ-Format,​ EZ-Chart,​ EZ-Pivot,​ EZ-Calc,​ and EZ-Stat .​
EZ-Format's better subtotaling is​ only one of​ over two dozen Excel formatting and analysis enhancements,​ while EZ-Chart automatically summarizes data and creates identically formatted user-customized Excel charts .​
EZ-Pivot creates formatted PivotTables,​ PivotCharts,​ and Drill worksheets in​ seconds,​ while EZ-Calc creates Excel formulas and seven different calculated fields that are too time consuming to​ create manually .​
Finally,​ EZ-Stat creates sum,​ count,​ average,​ max,​ min,​ standard deviation,​ and median for selected numeric fields .​
The beauty of​ Xcelerator is​ that it​ works its magic without modifying the​ original Excel data .​
Operating directly from inside Excel,​ Xcelerator's suite of​ products not only saves time,​ but they also enhance Excel's formatting and analysis capabilities .​
For example,​ the​ software can easily extract subsets of​ data or​ split data into multiple workbooks .​
It also transparently creates workbook formats that you​ can re-use .​
The effect is​ that you​ can re-create identically formatted workbooks for new data in​ as​ little as​ 60 seconds .​
In other words,​ unlike using only Excel,​ you'll never lose the​ time you​ invest in​ formatting data for a​ specific set of​ fields.
The bottom line? Xcelerator isn't a​ replacement for knowing and understanding Excel,​ but it​ enhances Excel's features in​ a​ way that saves you​ an​ incredible amount of​ time .​
The software truly addresses the​ major pain points of​ most Excel users,​ such as:
* the​ amount of​ time it​ takes to​ implement most Excel features;
* the​ fact that there is​ virtually no re-usability of​ the​ work performed in​ Excel; and
* the​ knowledge that Excel does not automatically perform frequently and identically performed steps.
In addition,​ in​ this day and age when software upgrades can cost $50 to​ $200 or​ more,​ Data Presentation Products include a​ lifetime of​ free updates for product enhancements and bug fixes .​
When you​ use Xcelerator,​ you'll spend significantly less time formatting Excel Workbooks - time that can be better spent analyzing your data and developing actionable recommendations to​ improve your company's bottom line.

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