Software Its Us Against Them

Software It’s Us Against Them!
Some people are of​ the​ opinion that computer software was designed to​ help us make the​ most of​ our computers,​ those wonderful tools invented to​ help us store and access masses of​ data and to​ generally make our lives easier .​
There are some among us,​ however,​ who have cottoned on​ to​ the​ truth of​ the​ matter,​ and are quietly,​ patiently waiting for our time to​ strike .​
We are growing in​ numbers every day,​ and the​ subtle swell of​ our voices can be heard everywhere you​ go .​
Who are we? We are the​ only sensible ones left – we know that computer software was designed to​ confuse us!
So we don’t pretend to​ understand the​ machinations of​ the​ computer even before the​ software is​ added,​ but surely there has to​ be a​ simpler way to​ navigate this all-hallowed tool? It’s not that we’re lacking in​ the​ brain department; we manage to​ weave our merry way through our daily lives without incurring too many trials and tribulations,​ we feed and clothe ourselves,​ and prevent ourselves from smelling bad .​
Hey,​ we can even make a​ piece of​ toast if​ we have to​ – so why can’t we use our computers for ten minutes straight without running into some kind of​ problem of​ another?
Perhaps it’s the​ geeks way of​ getting their own back on​ us .​
We’ve pointed and laughed for years while they’ve pressed their noses further into their books .​
Books we could manage,​ so to​ keep all the​ really important information to​ themselves,​ they had to​ invent something really tricky .​
So they came up with computer software .​
Haven’t you​ noticed how quickly they can fix any problem you​ encounter? At the​ first sign of​ a​ software error message,​ they emerge from the​ woodwork,​ click a​ few things and there you​ go – back into your document or​ spreadsheet without a​ clue how you​ got out,​ or​ got back in​ .​
They seem to​ have written all the​ software in​ some strange language that only they can understand,​ and they probably have weekly meetings,​ where they go and laugh at​ how they got one over on​ us .​
But we can let them have their day .​
We have worked out just what they’re up to​ with this software business and we are compiling evidence against as​ we speak .​
At least I​ think we are .​
Hey,​ what’s that error message say?

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