Software Evolution

Software Evolution
As Internet connections become more permanent with broadband access,​ software will be able to​ evolve into a​ more efficient and personalized medium .​
Currently,​ most software run from our hard drives and require installations that alter our system configurations,​ many times slowing down our computers .​
Because software occupies space and processing power,​ there is​ a​ limited amount of​ software that can run in​ our PCs .​
On the​ business side,​ current software systems require many companies to​ produce a​ system of​ distribution (Compac Discs),​ customer support,​ and is​ usually not compatible with all customers,​ thus limiting its customer base further .​
A software evolution is​ ocurring and it​ is​ going to​ benefit both customers and businesses immensly .​
Software will no longer come as​ a​ packet that needs to​ be installed on​ a​ PC,​ but rather it​ will be completely Web based .​
Web based software will become the​ default way of​ reaching customers .​
Customers will have advantages such as,​ using unlimited amount of​ software,​ using applications regardless of​ where the​ person is​ or​ which computer he/she is​ using,​ software can be personalized and upgraded to​ meet specific needs to​ each individual .​
Businesses will be able to,​ reduce costs,​ reach a​ larger customer pool,​ taylor its software to​ diverse markets,​ repair bugs more rapidly and easily,​ understand its customer and the​ way they use their software,​ etc .​
In order for this software revolution to​ occur in​ whole,​ there needs to​ be a​ central point .​
Like Miscrosoft’s DOS in​ the​ 80’s,​ which became the​ standard choice of​ operating system to​ centralize and organize our computer operations,​ there needs to​ be an​ online operating system .​
As of​ now,​ Microsoft has built an​ empire because of​ its vision and their dominance in​ the​ OS market .​
However,​ now there is​ a​ window of​ opportunity to​ take a​ large chunk of​ that empire and possibly eliminate Microsoft’s monopoly of​ the​ Operating System .​
While there are many companies and organizations (Apple,​ Linux,​ Lindows) out there trying to​ take a​ bite out of​ Microsoft by competing on​ the​ same turf,​ PC users are accostumed to​ Windows and will most likely not switch .​
The opportunity to​ eliminate this monopoly is​ to​ create an​ Online Operating System .​
PC users will inevitably move completely online .​
An Online Operating System will be the​ central point of​ every user in​ the​ future .​
There are online companies who have an​ inside advantage to​ this,​ such as​ Yahoo!,​ Google,​ and AOL,​ but it​ can be anyone’s medal,​ even to​ a​ fairly unknown competitor,​ as​ was Microsoft when they introduced DOS to​ the​ world .​
In this new concept of​ Operating System,​ there can be a​ larger space of​ diversity and can be shared by more companies,​ unlike the​ current status.

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