Software Designed Around Your Needs Microsofts New Small Business Solution

Software Designed Around Your Needs Microsofts New Small Business

Software Designed Around Your Needs - Microsoft’s New Small Business Solution
Microsoft has a​ new service designed with the​ needs of​ small businesses in​ mind—businesses with 10 or​ less employees .​
If you’ve thought about taking your business online,​ Office Live makes it​ easy for you​ .​
There are three different versions of​ this software to​ meet the​ particular needs of​ your small business:
Option One—Basic
This first solution is​ Microsoft’s core product and comes with several free services:
• a​ domain name
• web hosting
• email in​ your company name
If,​ for example,​ you​ open a​ hair salon called Anne’s Coifs,​ your first step would be to​ log into and see if​ that name is​ available .​
If it​ is,​ then Microsoft registers that domain for you,​ .​
With your domain name,​ you​ also get a​ free email account for your business and a​ website which you​ can customize using a​ variety of​ templates.
There are easy-to-use tools for setting up your free website .​
And just because you’re using templates doesn’t mean your site has to​ look like a​ cookie cutter .​
According to​ Terra Terwilliger,​ Microsoft’s worldwide business management director,​ you​ get a​ tremendous amount of​ flexibility in​ those templates…You can have over 50,​000 combinations just using the​ dropdown menus .​
You can also upload your own logo,​ text,​ and pictures.
Option 2—Essentials
This is​ the​ more advanced version .​
You get all the​ features of​ Basic and some others as​ well:
• Business management tools for managing your customer lists,​ company assets,​ projects,​ etc.
• the​ ability to​ go beyond the​ template format and design your website yourself,​ or​ hire someone if​ you​ choose.
• the​ ability to​ create password-protected shared sites .​
You can post documents and make them viewable to​ your customers,​ business partners,​ employees,​ or​ whomever .​
They can log in​ and see the​ status of​ your projects,​ review files and information,​ or​ see what tasks need completed .​
Depending on​ the​ level of​ access you​ give them,​ they can either view the​ site as​ read-only or​ they can edit those files to​ keep them updated.
Option 3—Collaboration
Collaboration gives you​ all the​ business applications without any web features .​
Says Terwilliger,​ If you​ already have your own website,​ but you​ just want the​ business tools and the​ shared site,​ you​ can get that too.
Making It Work For You
Office Live is​ in​ beta right now,​ with about 75,​000 customers signed up for the​ free trial version .​
Basic Office Live is​ and will always be free .​
The upgraded versions will charge a​ monthly fee when the​ final product is​ launched,​ but are still more cost-effective than a​ server .​
And because the​ software’s in​ testing right now,​ all the​ services—including the​ subscription services—are free.
Microsoft plans to​ release the​ completed version in​ late 2018,​ possibly November .​
In the​ meantime,​ users are encouraged to​ try all of​ the​ different features and give feedback to​ help make Office Live more user-friendly for small businesses.

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