Small Engine Software The Ope Dealers Answer To Automation

Small Engine Software The Ope Dealers Answer To Automation

Small Engine Software,​ the​ Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer's Answer to​ Automation

Small engine dealerships that carry a​ large quantity of​ hardware can experience inventory management nightmares. Many stores hire extra people to​ begin counting every part on​ the​ floor and shelves at​ the​ end of​ the​ year. Some small engine dealerships hire one or​ two individual’s full time just to​ keep track of​ their inventory.

What most outdoor power equipment dealers don’t know is​ that they can save anywhere from $25,​000 to​ $75,​000 per year,​ just by implementing an​ automated system that will do it​ all for them.

How much does a​ store owner pay for an​ inventory control clerk’s salary? How much do they pay for two inventory managers? When there is​ nothing to​ count or​ manage,​ what else are they doing that will bring you​ more business?

Hire employees that will get you​ more business. How do they get you​ more business? it​ isn’t counting parts; it’s helping your customers.

Have you​ ever seen a​ customer leave because your employees had too much time to​ help them find the​ best outdoor power equipment for their home or​ business; of​ course not. So put your employees where it​ matters most so we can keep your business streamlined behind the​ scenes,​ while your profits continually increase.

What can we do to​ automate your business? With over 21 years of​ hard work and listening to​ thousands of​ dealers worldwide,​ we provide our business owners with the​ best small engine software system in​ the​ outdoor power equipment software business.

Some of​ the​ manufacturers we work with are: Briggs & Stratton; Kohler; Tecumseh; Toro; John Deere; Stihl; Echo; Scag; Ariens; MTD; Honda; Murray; Cub Cadet; Kubota; Husqvarna; and that’s only the​ beginning.

What does our small engine software do for our OPE dealers?

Here are just a​ few features our dealers enjoy every day.

- Point of​ sale (POS) with detailed customer information including purchase history,​ items on​ order,​ additional contacts/addresses/phone numbers and customer specific pricing.

- Real-time business management reports that customize to​ your personal needs in​ order to​ better analyze the​ efficiency and profitability of​ your business.

- the​ ability to​ track detailed information about each serialized/whole good item so you​ can quickly view where the​ item was purchased,​ warranty months,​ notes for each serial number,​ second engine number and serial number,​ mileage or​ meter,​ floor plan due date,​ and create customized product fields.

- the​ ability to​ view and track floor plan information so you​ can easily access the​ financing information on​ all of​ the​ serialized items you​ have in​ stock.

- Advanced Customer Relationship Management features that increase sales and improve customer service.

- Automatic purchase order creation based on​ sales history and seasonal levels.

- ProQuest eConnect interface which allows you​ to​ send orders to​ your supplier via the​ internet.

- Interfaces to​ PartSmartTM and ProQuest's PartsManager Pro.

- Enhanced inventory control features that allow you​ to​ quickly and easily manage your entire inventory and reduce costs.

- Detailed shop management and work order features that allow you​ to​ track detailed information about each work order so you​ can easily find information such as​ delivery dates,​ special requests,​ tag number,​ completion date and much more.

- Excellent support staff and training.

The list goes on,​ but you​ can see why Ideal Computer Systems not only provides you​ with an​ answer to​ handle your toughest inventory control tasks,​ but gives you​ a​ small engine software program that gives you​ more time to​ enjoy what you​ want most,​ well-deserved time off.

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