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I have been on​ the​ Internet for a​ long time. at​ least I have been doing marketing a​ long time in​ relation to​ the​ Internet as​ a​ commercial entity.

Around the​ end of​ 1995 I speculated in​ domain names,​ learning about keywords and phrases and how they help the​ search engines find the​ content you​ are providing at​ your website.

I continued to​ learn about keywords and as​ search engine optimization became a​ necessity I was ready to​ use what I had learned about keywords and phrases,​ domain names,​ search engines and content.

There were quite a​ few people,​ say a​ couple of​ hundred who really knew how to​ use keywords to​ optimize websites.

However,​ then it​ was to​ help search engines do a​ better job of​ indexing all of​ the​ content on​ the​ web. Now it​ seems the​ roles are reversed and the​ search engines are in​ charge. at​ least many seem to​ think so.

Now there are also a​ lot of​ people,​ thousands,​ who claim to​ know all of​ the​ search engine secrets and some claim they can get you​ top listings if​ you​ just sign up with them,​ buy their Ebooks,​ buy their videos,​ or​ buy their software.

I always have a​ hard time with the​ math. if​ these guys can guarantee you​ a​ top 10 listing for your keywords,​ then 11 companies sign up for their service that are also targeting your keywords or​ phrases,​ then how do they get all 11 customers a​ top 10 listing?

There are a​ lot of​ things we have known about the​ importance of​ for years such as​ anchor text,​ titles for links,​ surrounding links with keywords in​ the​ body text to​ make the​ links more relative,​ alt tags,​ metatags,​ keyword count,​ and more.

But now almost every day I see a​ website or​ article promoting a​ “new search engine secret” and it​ has a​ name I have never heard of. Then when I investigate and read up on​ it​ I find that they have renamed anchor text something else,​ keyword-count something else,​ etc.

Just like Hollywood these days seem to​ only be remaking movies we have already seen and giving them new names,​ it​ seems there are a​ lot of​ people out there now renaming SEO methods that are as​ old as​ the​ Internet with new names and selling them as​ new secrets.

They sell you​ these “new secrets” on​ video,​ in​ an​ Ebook,​ in​ a​ Seminar,​ or​ produce software that “optimizes” your website for you.

Most of​ the​ SEO Gurus of​ today never actually optimized a​ website for themselves or​ anyone else with any good results. They simply advertised to​ other people that they know how to​ make them rich in​ 90 days with little or​ no work at​ all and can promise you​ top 10 search engine rank in​ all the​ major search engines.

There are some of​ us who actually do the​ work and will keep on​ doing so and remaining ethical about the​ business. Its just hard to​ sit by and see so many people bilked out of​ their money with promises that no one can keep.

I have clients send me stuff all the​ time.

“Hey look at​ this new SEO technique I got in​ my email!”

"Look at​ this website I found that can get us top listings in​ 30 days!”

I go and read up on​ it​ for my client and find the​ same old stuff repackaged once again. Things I am already doing for the​ client is​ now a​ video or​ an​ Ebook and they cannot understand why I would recommend not spending money on​ it.

If you​ are going into business on​ the​ web and you​ read this article,​ just learn one thing from it.

There are NO shortcuts to​ success. Get rich quick schemes are just schemes. There is​ no magic formula or​ secret to​ getting top listings in​ the​ major search engines.

If there is​ a​ secret,​ it​ is​ that it​ actually requires hard work to​ be successful on​ the​ web just like it​ takes hard work to​ become successful with any business on​ or​ offline.

Buying an​ Ebook or​ a​ video or​ some software is​ not going to​ make you​ rich or​ get you​ top listings in​ the​ search engines. Anyone who tells you​ that work is​ not required to​ make money on​ the​ web is​ lying to​ you.

Learn how to​ do this for yourself or​ hire a​ professional who does not promise you​ the​ sky,​ but also hire one that can prove the​ results they have gotten for clients and for their own websites.

Testimonials are worth absolutely nothing.

“Chris McElroy is​ amazing! He got me a​ top 10 listing for my website in​ less than thirty days! the​ videos are easy to​ follow and in​ just days I was an​ SEO expert. I recommend everyone buy his Ebooks too!” –-John Doe,​ New York—

Now don’t you​ just want to​ run right out and buy my video? Too bad I don’t have one to​ sell.

Nope,​ no Ebooks either.

No Software to​ make you​ rich.

But I can do the​ search engine optimization and promotion for your website and prove the​ results with weekly increases in​ link popularity and search engine indexing.
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