SEO Guidelines Search Engine Marketing

SEO Guidelines Search Engine Marketing

SEO guidelines also known as​ Search Engine Optimization set the​ rules used by major search engines like GOOGLE,​ Yahoo,​ and MSN,​ etc. to​ judge whether or​ not to​ include a​ website in​ their search engine results. Believe it​ or​ not ,​ having your website included in​ Google results is​ not part of​ the​ Bill of​ Rights under the​ constitution. There are Search Engine Marketing guidelines that govern which websites are included and those excluded from their results.

SEO Guidelines – Thou Shall…

Write your pages for people,​ not for search engines. it​ seems obvious,​ doesn't it? We have all gone to​ web pages with garbage content written to​ deceive search engines for top rankings. When discovered (and they will be discovered),​ these websites are banned. Other SEO guidelines prohibit offering different content to​ search engines than your visitors. Called ""cloaking",​ it's unethical and another trick to​ avoid for high search engine rankings. Instead,​ focus on​ providing useful content your visitors are seeking and update your site frequently with fresh content.

SEO guidelines - Thou Shall Not...

Here are some important search engine optimization methods to​ avoid when using SEO methods on​ your website. These are unethical techniques that may lead to​ having your websites removed from the​ Google index. OUCH!!! That hurts! Once banned,​ your site will not appear in​ GOOGLE results or​ partner sites.

SEO guidelines clearly ban link farms that create multiple links to​ your site to​ raise your page rank by unethical means. Sooner or​ later your site will be caught and penalized for breaking SEO guidelines. in​ particular,​ avoid links to​ web spammers and software that auto submits your pages to​ search engines.

SEO guidelines – Search Engine Optimization

Create web pages free of​ hidden texts and links seen only by the​ search engines. Instead,​ use search engine marketing strategies without redirects to​ other sites. Instead of​ garbage content,​ search engine optimization promotes useful reader content. Do you​ like to​ read the​ same thing again… read the​ same thing again… read the​ same thing again… neither does the​ search engine. After all,​ search engines are people too!

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