SEO Can Software Increase Web Traffic

SEO Can Software Increase Web Traffic

An examination of​ software and programs that promise to​ bring you​ “real visitors” to​ your site and whether or​ not it​ is​ a​ good SEO strategy to​ use them.

You have probably heard of​ programs that advertise bringing 10,​000 real visitors to​ your web site. These types of​ programs are usually sold places like Clickbank and promise to​ bring live people to​ view your site. These programs usually cost between $80 and $180 and advertise themselves as​ being the​ one stop advertising center delivers targeted traffic to​ your URL with just a​ few clicks. the​ problem with this tactic is​ that the​ traffic is​ not targeted. This means that all this kind of​ software will do is​ bring you​ untargeted traffic.

The reason this does not work that well in​ terms of​ being an​ SEO strategy is​ that the​ web site traffic is​ not sourced from the​ usual pop under or​ pop over sites but instead garnered from a​ huge network of​ domains. a​ good example of​ one of​ these large monster networks is​ Advertise to​ Millions. There are some programs that differ in​ this regard. you​ have to​ search for the​ ones that will bring you​ truly targeted traffic.

There is​ no doubt that this type of​ software is​ sleek and works well. When someone types key words to​ do a​ search in​ a​ search engine,​ the​ results that will be displayed will be from the​ huge network. There is​ a​ huge choice of​ categories to​ put your keywords to​ as​ well. the​ topics,​ services and businesses covered usually include: Automotive,​ Flowers,​ Software,​ DVDs,​ Vitamins,​ Health,​ Business Opportunities,​ Lottery Gift Items,​ Jewelry,​ Web Site Hosting,​ Mortgage,​ Finance,​ Beauty,​ Music,​ Casino and much,​ much more. When the​ surfer clicks on​ the​ listing for the​ network,​ he or​ she is​ redirected to​ your domain. This type software also includes a​ "real time" statistics panel that shows you​ valued information about just how much targeted traffic you​ are receiving and at​ what time of​ day. This means you​ can view the​ progress of​ your targeted traffic campaign at​ any time

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