SEM Gorilla Search Engine Marketing Book

SEM Gorilla Search Engine Marketing Book

Randy Zlobec’s new search engine marketing book,​ SEM Gorilla,​ is​ about to​ be released and folks are already lining up to​ be notified. This isn’t surprising. the​ pre-sales information and the​ credibility of​ the​ author suggest that finally,​ a​ search engine optimization book (and much more) has been written that can take us all the​ way from initial website creation through to​ implementing search engine marketing strategies and making desired sales.

Most books on​ search engine marketing focus on​ either search engine optimization or​ pay-per-click strategies. They don’t get into website creation at​ all. SEM Gorilla is​ more than a​ search engine optimization book. it​ discusses the​ basics of​ designing and creating a​ search engine friendly website from scratch and then putting effective strategies in​ place that will attract search engine traffic.

SEM Gorilla explains the​ principles of​ search engine marketing simply and comprehensively so that anyone can understand them. it​ is​ a​ practical step-by-step search engine marketing guide that is​ easy to​ follow. This search engine optimization book is​ not another of​ those complex theoretical tomes nor is​ it​ a​ source of​ irrelevant or​ erroneous advice designed to​ simply make its author rich.

Randy Zlobec has discovered the​ search engine marketing formula for success. He says,​ “I don’t believe in​ vague theories or​ anything like that. I believe in​ starting from the​ beginning and walking the​ reader right through the​ entire SEM process from beginning to​ end using only white hat marketing so that the​ site is​ set up correctly.”

SEM Gorilla is​ the​ culmination of​ over eleven years of​ experience creating and marketing websites to​ maximize success. From small family businesses to​ large corporations,​ Randy has created new websites or​ transformed struggling ones into profitable ventures. He decided to​ write SEM Gorilla which goes beyond the​ scope of​ a​ typical search engine optimization book to​ cover all aspects of​ search engine marketing,​ so that you​ can do the​ same thing yourself. Even if​ you​ don’t want to​ implement your own search engine marketing strategies,​ Zlobec will tell you​ how to​ choose a​ competent SEO advisor to​ do it​ for you.

SEM Gorilla has its own website where you​ can find free resources to​ help you​ with search engine marketing such as​ a​ free ebook ,​ free lessons in​ search engine optimization,​ and other helpful advice. you​ can sign up on​ the​ website to​ be notified when SEM Gorilla is​ published.

SEM Gorilla is​ not just another search engine optimization book. it​ is​ written in​ a​ readable style that takes the​ reader through the​ SEM process in​ logical steps. if​ you’ve been burnt in​ the​ past,​ spending good money on​ poor quality information that amounts to​ nothing more than thinly veiled self promotion,​ then Zlobec’s book will be a​ breath of​ fresh air. Not only will you​ be a​ wiser person for having read it,​ if​ you​ follow the​ advice,​ you’ll be on​ the​ pathway to​ wealth.

SEM Gorilla Search Engine Marketing Book

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