Selecting A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Selecting a​ Criminal Defense Lawyer
In basketball,​ they say that a​ good defense is​ the​ best offense .​
The same goes when you have to​ go to​ trial because your life is​ on​ the​ line and the​ only way to​ prevent yourself from going to​ jail is​ by selecting a​ criminal defense lawyer who will be able to​ represent you when the​ evidence is​ presented.
Criminal defense lawyers are a​ special breed of​ individuals because they specialize in​ criminal law .​
Some of​ these people represent those who are guilty and will do everything in​ their power to​ make sure their client does not go to​ jail .​
But how do you select a​ criminal defense lawyer? For that,​ you have to​ find someone who specializes in​ this field .​
If you don’t know any,​ ask your friends or​ family for help .​
When you see them for the​ first time,​ this is​ not a​ social call but business .​
You should ask them straight out how long has he or​ she practiced criminal law,​ the​ number of​ cases that went to​ trial and how many times have they won.
Do a​ background check on​ the​ criminal defense lawyer .​
Find out if​ they belong to​ any legal organizations like the​ County or​ State Bar Associations .​
If this person is​ a​ member of​ the​ National Association of​ Criminal Defense Lawyers,​ then chances are you are already in​ good hands .​
But since this is​ not enough,​ find out if​ they will have the​ time to​ work on​ your case because you could lose it​ if​ they are not able to​ provide a​ good defense .​
You should also find out how much they charge for their legal fees and if​ they will be the​ one who will personally handle your case .​
If they are asking you for a​ large sum of​ money up front,​ leave the​ office and find someone else right away .​
If you find the​ rate reasonable and feel comfortable talking to​ this person,​ then by all means hire this individual to​ be your criminal defense attorney.
Now discuss your case and then follow whatever instructions are given .​
This person should be able to​ explain to​ you how things will go and what they will do .​

The ideal criminal defense lawyer is​ the​ public defender because this is​ what they do day in​ and day out .​
Although they usually get a​ bad rap,​ they are very experienced when it​ comes to​ going to​ court which is​ why they are often used as​ consultants by private attorneys .​
Some have even left and established their own firms specializing in​ criminal law .​
Will this guarantee that you will win your day in​ court? Of course not .​
Nobody can guarantee that even if​ you can afford hiring a​ very rich attorney.
This all boils down to​ how well this person will be able to​ cast doubt on​ the​ evidence used by the​ prosecution because you will only get a​ guilty verdict if​ they can prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are indeed responsible for the​ crime .​
Selecting a​ criminal defense lawyer is​ crucial because not be able to​ get a​ good defense will likely get you a​ guilty verdict .​
You can prevent that form happening since you are given time to​ look for one before you are arraigned and asked how do you plead in​ front of​ the​ judge .​

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