Security Management Software And Hardware To Keep Your Investment Secure

Security Management Software And Hardware To Keep Your Investment Secure

Security management is​ essential to​ any company. There are many different aspects of​ security management including Computer Network security,​ Entry Identification and Logging system and Fire Detection and Prevention.

Companies are increasingly using programmed magnetic or​ chipped Identity Cards for employees that allow access only to​ specific parts of​ the​ site. the​ system records every entry and exit made,​ meaning that access to​ sensitive areas is​ automatically limited and the​ person responsible for any theft or​ damage is​ easily identified. Theft and damage are reduced of​ course,​ because employees are aware of​ the​ system,​ its capabilities and the​ increased likelihood of​ being caught.

Heat and smoke detectors are generally wired to​ a​ central control room that has instant video access to​ any area where an​ alarm is​ raised,​ meaning that false alarms are quickly identified and productivity losses are minimized.

The technology has fallen in​ price so much that even schools and colleges have chipped identity cards for staff. the​ system is​ more acceptable to​ clerical and professional staff than clocking in​ and out,​ but achieves that function as​ well as​ its primary security function.

Video surveillance is​ a​ part of​ modern life. it​ is​ used in​ all shops and many production facilities. the​ output from all the​ cameras can be output to​ a​ single screen as​ large thumbnail pictures,​ where security personnel can zoom in​ on​ any suspicious activity.

Computer Network Security has a​ very high profile in​ most companies. if​ someone from outside managed to​ get into the​ network they could either,​ create mayhem by deleting essential files,​ or​ they could steal confidential company data. Firewalls are designed to​ prevent this happening. Computer Network Security is​ much more than checking for hackers,​ though. More damage is​ caused by employees' unauthorized use of​ files from home PCs which have viruses on​ them. Network PCs in​ many companies no longer have floppy disk drives,​ or​ even CD drives to​ prevent employee damage to​ the​ system in​ this way.

Security Management Software And Hardware To Keep Your Investment Secure

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