Secret Law Of Attraction Power Zone Can Be Yours In Just One Minute

Secret Law Of Attraction Power Zone Can Be Yours In Just One Minute 1

Secret law of​ attraction principles are easy to​ understand. What you focus on​ is​ what you get. Simple. But secret law of​ attraction principles aren’t as​ easy to​ put into practice.

Simply putting up a​ manifestation board and visualizing what you want each day isn’t enough to​ apply secret law of​ attraction principles in​ a​ way that will make a​ difference in​ your life.

The law of​ attraction is​ about energy and vibration.

That energy and vibration (that’s in​ you and all things in​ the​ universe) is​ constant.

This means that the​ secret law of​ attraction is​ at​ work at​ all times.

It doesn’t just work when you’re visualizing and looking at​ your manifestation board but not when you’re complaining about your spouse or​ getting impatient in​ traffic.

It works ALL the​ time.

In order to​ use the​ law of​ attraction well in​ your life,​ therefore,​ you must have a​ way to​ keep your vibrations matching what you want as​ often as​ possible.

Now,​ since you can’t constantly be monitoring your thoughts or​ doing visualization,​ you need some sort of​ technique for repeatedly re-accessing your highest vibrations (so you’ll match up with positive experiences) as​ much as​ possible.

The easiest way to​ consistently remind yourself to​ use the​ secret law of​ attraction in​ your life is​ to​ do hourlies.

Hourlies are a​ set of​ quick actions you take every hour on​ the​ hour. They’re easy,​ and they should take a​ minute or​ less each hour.

Here are five actions (adapted from the​ nine hourlies in​ my guide,​ “How to​ Turn Your Mind Into a​ Magic Wand”) you can take each hour to​ be sure your energy is​ pulling in​ good experiences instead of​ bad:

1. Mentally say,​ “Reality is​ what I create with my mind.”

The purpose of​ this is​ to​ counter your societal programming.

If you’re like most people,​ you’ve probably said at​ some point,​ “I need to​ be “realistic.” You’re using the​ phrase to​ explain why you can’t have something you want.

This is​ NOT the​ truth about how the​ universe works.

Being “realistic” doesn’t mean accepting what others think is​ possible. it​ means using your thoughts to​ create reality.

2. Give yourself this mental command: Create!

This command instructs your subconscious mind to​ “think on​ purpose”—to direct focus onto what you want. it​ also reminds you that you are creating you reality with every thought so you’d better be aware of​ what kind of​ thoughts you’re having.

3. Imagine seeing energy flow out from you in​ the​ direction of​ what you want and then back to​ you.

4. View a​ Mini Mind Movie. See yourself having what you want. Really feel what it​ will be like to​ have it.

5. Play Appreciation “I Spy” Look around and spot something you’re grateful for. Think of​ something or​ someone you appreciate. (Like all of​ the​ Hourlies,​ you can do this anytime. When you fill your idle moments that you’re not concentrating on​ some task with thoughts of​ appreciation,​ you will find your wants rushing into your life. Remember what I said earlier about gratitude? Appreciation is​ another high vibration emotion.)

When you first start doing hourlies,​ they can feel cumbersome and difficult. But trust me—that awkwardness doesn’t last long.

Soon,​ you’ll find the​ secret law of​ attraction power zone and then . . . yee haa—great things will be coming!

When you stick with hourlies,​ before you know it,​ you’ll be able to​ do hourlies without breaking stride in​ your day.

You know that great athletes use visualization to​ perform at​ peak levels,​ right?

Do you think they actually stop everything to​ sit down and walk through the​ steps of​ their visualization?

Of course they don’t.

They have learned to​ visualize their result in​ the​ flow of​ their actions. They can pop in​ and out of​ a​ meditative,​ visualizing state whenever they need to. They do it​ quickly and effortlessly.

You can do the​ same thing with hourlies.

When you keep doing the​ hourlies (even if​ it​ takes the​ timer and your checklist for awhile),​ eventually doing hourlies will become a​ learned behavior that is​ practically unconscious.

That learned behavior will activate the​ secret law of​ attraction in​ your life in​ ways that will astound you. When you turn your mind into a​ magic wand,​ you harness the​ powerful secret of​ law of​ attraction.

Keep at​ it,​ and you’ll love the​ results.

Secret Law Of Attraction Power Zone Can Be Yours In Just One Minute

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