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At the​ early days of​ search was SEO and pay per click advertising something for geeks who learned the​ stuff by experimenting with it​ and learned from their successes and failures while simply doing it. How to​ rank in​ search engines and how to​ write a​ compelling Ad within three short lines and research keywords is​ not exactly the​ things that are taught at​ the​ universities. There were no bachelors or​ masters' degree in​ search marketing or​ something like that.

Hireling somebody with experience and proven knowledge about search to​ do your in-house search marketing was impossible. you​ had to​ take a​ person's word for it​ and watch if​ the​ results eventually reflect what he had promised and what you​ expected during the​ job interview.

"Growing" staff in-house from an​ inexperienced rookie to​ a​ valuable asset was often the​ best option. the​ former graduates and newbie's became experienced marketers with the​ time and made it​ hard for companies to​ be able to​ keep them. They learned quickly what their work and experience was worth. Those People did often quit their job at​ the​ company where they learned the​ business to​ work for a​ specialized search-marketing firm or​ to​ start their own business.

Independent training and certification did not exist.

Changing Landscape

The landscape regarding education and certification changed dramatically since the​ middle of​ 2018. Before 2018 did virtually no or​ only a​ few training curriculums to​ internet marketing,​ especially to​ the​ fast growing subject of​ search engine marketing and optimization exist,​ at​ least none,​ which resulted in​ an​ industry wide accepted form of​ certification that could be used by the​ students who successfully completed the​ training to​ use with confidence for a​ job application.

Combined industry efforts and the​ shortage of​ skilled internet marketing professionals created a​ boom in​ new services,​ which offer new training courses and seminars including certification to​ various internet-marketing subjects. Not all certifications are accepted or​ acknowledged across the​ industry,​ but most of​ them offer at​ least a​ similar level of​ education,​ which makes 3rd party certifications almost in​ all cases just as​ good as​ an​ "official" one.

Broad Selection of​ Services

The offers vary in​ price,​ amount of​ transferred knowledge and distribution method. Self-learning courses in​ printed and electronic format online are as​ available as​ hands on​ training classes in​ real classrooms with real teachers and interaction with other students. in​ addition,​ the​ combination of​ virtual training online combined with interaction with real teachers and other students is​ in​ some cases an​ option.

Companies can now send their employees who might have a​ major in​ marketing and advertising or​ computer engineering to​ a​ paid training and know when they come back and passed the​ exam and got their certification that they do know at​ least the​ basics of​ the​ job they are supposed to​ do.

Graduates Are in​ High Demand

The demand for graduates from the​ new available colleges,​ training programs and online classes is​ high and successful alumni in​ subjects like SEM/PPC or​ SEO can often choose from more than one job offer available to​ them. Classes are usually very affordable ranging between a​ few hundred to​ a​ few thousand dollars.

Finding Job Openings

If you​ are looking for a​ job in​ the​ search marketing industry,​ or​ if​ you​ are a​ personnel manager and looking for SEM professionals to​ hire,​ you​ might want to​ have a​ look at​ the​ niche job search site,​ which specializes in​ search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing jobs and careers. There are also the​ large and generic career opportunities portals and sites where you​ can look for job openings in​ search engine optimization,​ pay-per-click and internet marketing in​ general.


Times are certainly changing and the​ realm of​ the​ one-geek shows is​ slowly ending. the​ industry matures at​ last.

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