Search Engine Relationships To Marketing 296

Search Engine Relationships to​ Marketing
The landscape of​ search engines have went through
some drastic changes over the​ years .​
Not only with
technology,​ but also with various partnerships
between the​ many different search companies as​ well.
You might be running your search engine queries on
a particular search engine,​ although who is​ actually
supplying the​ results - it​ could be a​ different
company altogether.
Below,​ is​ a​ list of​ the​ search engines that feed your
precious keywords:
Yahoo provides the​ primary search results for Yahoo
search,​ Alta Vista,​ and AllTheWeb,​ and receives paid
listings from Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly known
as Overture).
Google provides the​ primary search engine results
to Google AOL Search and also Netscape .​
Google also
supplies paid listings to​ Lycos,​ Ask,​ Netscape,​ AOL
Search,​ and HotBot .​
It also supplies secondary
results to​ HotBot and receives it's directory data
from DMOZ.
Lycos receives the​ directory search results from
DMOZ,​ primary results from Ask,​ and paid listings
from Google Adwords.
Hotbot receives directory search results from DMOZ,​
primary search results from Ask,​ and paid/secondary
results from Google Adwords.
Ask provides primary results to​ Ask,​ Hotbot,​ and
Lycos .​
It receives secondary search results from
Teoma and the​ directory results from DMOZ,​ with
paid listings from Google Adwords.
In relations to​ marketing,​ search engines can
provide anything you​ want to​ know .​
If someone is
looking for something,​ they normally refer to​ the
search engines .​
When they type it​ in,​ the​ highest
sites on​ the​ engines will show - which is​ normally
where the​ visitor will go.
By keeping good position on​ the​ search engines,​
you'll be near the​ first for visitors who are looking
for a​ certain product .​
you​ can make a​ lot of​ money
with search engines as​ well,​ if​ you​ know what you
are doing .​


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