Search Engine Optimization And Search Marketing For Start Ups

Search Engine Optimization And Search Marketing For Start Ups

Startup Companies often have big dreams and a​ small budget. Using pay per click (PPC) advertising like Google AdWords,​ Yahoo! Search Marketing,​ and MSN adCenter alone to​ draw traffic may not be financially feasible. a​ successful startup should opt for a​ more balanced,​ frugal approach to​ getting traffic to​ their landing pages; one which incorporates generic search result traffic. Using a​ blend of​ limited PPC advertising and content optimization can yield the​ best return on​ an​ SEO investment.

Strategy One for Startup Companies: Split Tests & Pay Per Click
Whenever you​ conduct a​ pay per click campaign you​ should always run split tests to​ see which ads are most effective. an​ a​ - B split test is​ the​ most simple,​ and practical method. Simply create two ads for the​ same keywords and run both ads in​ conjunction. Which ever ad has a​ higher score,​ try and determine why. Discontinue the​ less successful ad and create another ad and accentuate the​ features of​ the​ better selling ad. Iterate this split testing process to​ come up with the​ best ads. Often,​ simply looking at​ the​ top ads is​ a​ great way to​ get started--learn what you​ can from the​ best!

Another short note when conducting a​ pay per click management campaign; often it​ is​ wise to​ only bid on​ ads on​ the​ Google or​ Yahoo! search results,​ and not their content networks. Google's content network ads are not as​ visible and will hurt your ad's quality score due to​ the​ lower click thru rate the​ ads will have on​ the​ content networks.

Strategy Two for Startup Companies: Keyword Optimization
Purchasing a​ software program like AdWords Analyzer or​ getting a​ membership at​ is​ essential to​ effective search engine optimization. the​ goal with using these programs is​ to​ find relevant search phrases that are are searched heavily but without much competition. Once these search phrases are detected,​ you​ can start optimizing your page's content for these keywords.

Links have always been the​ staple of​ search engine page rank algorithms. Google currently uses link text to​ determine page relevancy; that is,​ the​ words the​ anchor tags are placed around that link to​ your site help Google determine what keywords are relevant in​ relation to​ your site's content. if​ I linked to​ your site with the​ link text "Polish Sausage" Google will think have a​ clue that your site is​ relevant to​ sausage sales. the​ question then becomes,​ "How do I get the​ right links pointing to​ my site with the​ right keywords in​ the​ linked text?" That might be difficult if​ you​ didn't do it​ yourself; thus you​ must do it​ yourself.

You'll want to​ find sites with a​ high page rank to​ post your links on; message boards will not do. Decent Search Engine Marketing will require you​ to​ sign up for sites like Associated Content,​ Squidoo,​ and eZine Articles. Create your own content and have link text that is​ keyword specific to​ the​ various pages you​ are linking to. Watch,​ you​ rankings will improve and you'll make money posting content to​ some of​ these sites as​ well. For some complete search engine marketing advice,​ take a​ look at​ the​ following search engine marketing blog

In conclusion,​ incorporating a​ blend of​ pay per click and organic search engine optimization will dramatically improve your page rank and your landing page scores. Google,​ and the​ rest of​ the​ engines are getting smarter; keyword optimization is​ just the​ tip of​ the​ iceberg! if​ your money low,​ time high,​ this balanced attack strategy can be an​ incredibly effective course of​ action with a​ great return on​ your investment.

Search Engine Optimization And Search Marketing For Start Ups

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