Search Engine Marketing What It Is And How Your Can Business Benefit From It

Search Engine Marketing What It Is And How Your Can Business Benefit
From It

Simply put,​ Search Engine Marketing or​ SEM is​ the​ fastest,​ most powerful,​ highly-targeted,​ most dynamic,​ highly-measurable and most cost-effective marketing strategy that can give your business the​ power to​ reach potential customers anywhere in​ the​ world anytime for a​ little as​ USD $0.05 cost per customer acquisition or​ even for free!

Search Engine Marketing or​ SEM is​ about making sure that your Web site appears on​ the​ top 20 of​ search results every time potential customers search for whatever products and/or services that you​ offer on​ any of​ the​ major Search Engines including Google,​ Yahoo and MSN which collectively accounts for over 90% of​ all Search Engine originating traffic.

There are of​ course other smaller Search Engines that focus on​ niche industries such as​ Kayak ( Travel Search Engine) and country-specific Search Engines like Baidu ( which is​ very popular in​ China.

How Popular Are Search Engines?

A study last November 2018 finds that the​ number of​ people who use Internet Search Engines to​ find information has jumped over the​ last year,​ claiming a​ solid No. 2 spot behind e-mail as​ the​ most popular activity online. in​ the​ year 2003,​ 250 million searches were made daily on​ Google alone!

How Does it​ Work?

On the​ Internet,​ whenever somebody wants to​ find something,​ they use Search Engines. as​ spam continues to​ lessen the​ effectiveness of​ email as​ a​ marketing tool,​ Search Engine Marketing is​ fast becoming the​ marketing strategy of​ choice for companies who want to​ reach a​ global audience 24 hours a​ day,​ 7 days a​ week,​ either for free or​ for as​ little as​ USD $0.05 per visitor. as​ the​ Internet becomes more and more a​ part of​ our everyday lives,​ the​ greater their role becomes in​ helping businesses connect with their customers at​ that crucial point in​ their buying decision process (when they are searching for it).

Right now,​ there are probably people… potential customers who are looking for whatever products or​ services you​ are offering on​ any or​ all of​ the​ major Search Engines. When potential customers type in​ the​ keywords that they are searching for and press that “Search” button,​ do they find you​ or​ your competitors instead?

How can you​ get your business to​ appear on​ Search Engines?

Of course,​ you​ first must have a​ Web site. if​ you​ don’t have one,​ get one designed by someone who has a​ decent understanding of​ Search Engine Optimization. I’ve come across business Web sites that are so badly designed from an​ SEM perspective that you​ can’t even find it​ even if​ you​ search for the​ company name or​ business name itself! Even worse,​ their sites are designed in​ a​ way that prevents instead of​ facilitates their visitors to​ transact with them.

There are basically 2 ways for you​ to​ get your Web site to​ appear on​ Search Engines. you​ either get it​ listed on​ the​ “organic” or​ natural search results by doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or​ you​ launch a​ Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign for the​ keywords you​ want your Web site to​ appear for. Ideally,​ you​ should be doing both because a​ PPC campaign can start driving highly-qualified traffic to​ your Web site almost instantly while you​ wait for your SEO campaign to​ gain momentum and get your Web site within the​ top 20 of​ the​ SERPs (Search Engine Results Page),​ otherwise known as​ “organic” or​ “natural” search results,​ which can take months to​ happen.

What is​ Search Engine Optimization?

To get your Web site to​ appear on​ the​ SERPs you​ need to​ launch an​ SEO campaign. the​ main problem with SEO is​ that it​ can be very difficult and take anywhere from several months to​ over 1 year before you​ can achieve good rankings and appear within the​ top 20 rankings or​ top 2 pages of​ the​ organic search results which is​ all the​ results that most people are willing to​ see before they make a​ decision and choose what Web site to​ ultimately visit and do business with. Getting your Web site listed in​ the​ top 20 results is​ going to​ be a​ constant battle,​ especially if​ you​ are in​ a​ highly competitive industry and your competitors are also actively doing the​ same thing.

How your Web site is​ designed determines in​ great part how well its Search Engine rankings will be. Do you​ adore that lovely Flash animation on​ your home page? Loose it! Search Engines can’t see that Flash animation and they rely almost exclusively on​ text to​ determine the​ relevance and consequently,​ the​ ranking of​ every Web page.

What is​ a​ Pay Per Click Campaign?

Pay Per Click or​ PPC campaigns are basically ads (Sponsored Links) that appear alongside the​ organic search results whenever someone uses a​ Search Engine to​ search for anything that he’s interested in. the​ reason why it’s called Pay Per Click is​ because you​ spend only when somebody actually “clicks” on​ your PPC ad and not every time somebody sees it. These ads are controlled and are made to​ appear only every time specific “keywords” are searched for. the​ level of​ control an​ advertiser has over his PPC campaign is​ so high that he can control exactly how and who gets to​ see his PPC ads and most importantly,​ how much he spends for it. For as​ little as​ USD $0.05 per click on​ Google and USD $0.10 on​ Yahoo and MSN,​ you​ can start driving highly-qualified visitors to​ your Web site.

What Are Its Advantages Over Traditional Marketing Mediums?

While you​ may get an​ increase in​ sales when you​ put out an​ ad on​ TV,​ radio or​ print,​ it​ is​ almost impossible to​ track how well your sales were influenced “directly” by your ads. With Search Engine Marketing,​ you​ would know exactly how much you​ are spending and how much actual revenue you​ are getting for each cent that you​ spend for it. you​ can even know where your customers are coming from using Web Analytics such as​ the​ popular and free Google Analytics.

The ability to​ control your marketing expenditure,​ track your campaign’s performance,​ identify and target your market,​ a​ truly global reach,​ measurable results and being able to​ make changes to​ your campaign on​ the​ fly makes Search Engine Marketing far superior to​ traditional marketing medium.

How Effective is​ Search Engine Marketing?

It is​ not impossible to​ convert 50% of​ your Search Engine originating traffic. the​ real beauty of​ Search Engine Marketing is​ that it​ allows your customers to​ find you​ instead of​ you​ trying to​ find them.

How much does it​ cost?

The cost of​ any Search Engine Marketing campaign depends greatly on​ the​ scope and extent of​ it. the​ more keywords and the​ broader the​ audience you​ want to​ target,​ the​ more it’s going to​ cost but the​ greater the​ benefit would be. Maybe the​ more important question is… “How much is​ it​ costing your business by not doing Search Engine Marketing?”

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