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Search Engine Marketing & Keyword Lookup
Today we’re going to​ teach you​ how to​ take a​ general category and break it​ down into a​ profitable niche market and then we’re going to​ show you​ how to​ find your most targeted keywords for that niche market .​
First of​ all we’re not here to​ dog those who are currently showing you​ how to​ find a​ niche market,​ using Google or​ EBay are clever ways to​ find possible niches and it’s a​ lot better than guessing— for assuming what people are looking for or​ want by guessing is​ just pure folly .​
However,​ through our research,​ Pam and I​ have found out that only half of​ the​ equation is​ being given and the​ other half of​ the​ equation that isn’t being given is​ the​ use of​ a​ keyword lookup tool .​

Let’s go to​ Keyword Discovery (,​ they’re just one of​ the​ free tools out there that we like,​ there are many others this is​ just one of​ them .​
Now,​ we’ll go down to​ the​ keyword box and type in​ a​ general keyword that we want,​ we’ll just go with boots .​
Then go down to​ the​ authorization box and fill in​ the​ letters and numbers shown,​ making note that it​ is​ case sensitive .​
Then hit enter or​ press Search.
On the​ top line,​ boots has a​ number of​ 268,​750--now that number is​ for searches per month .​
Now,​ a​ lot of​ your keyword tools are going to​ vary on​ the​ numbers,​ for their accuracy,​ but they’re all going to​ be in​ this general area,​ it’s just so that you​ can get an​ idea of​ what people are looking for .​

So we’re going to​ use boots,​ so let’s see if​ we can find a​ niche for that keyword .​
Let’s go over to​ Google,​ and in​ the​ Google search we’ll type in​ boots to​ see the​ competition is​ .​
Okay,​ on​ the​ right hand side,​ boots has a​ competition of​ 155,​000,​000 .​
Now 155 million is​ huge,​ that’s a​ big number .​
So,​ we’re going to​ want to​ try to​ narrow this down a​ little bit,​ to​ see if​ we can find a​ bit better of​ a​ niche .​

So,​ let’s go back to​ our keyword tool and let’s find out what’s going on​ under boots .​
Underneath boots the​ most looked for keyword is​ ugg boots,​ not cowboy boots,​ or​ rain boots .​
Ugg boots is​ the​ most in​ demand keyword right now and it​ has a​ number of​ 57,​595 searches per month,​ which is​ a​ very respectable number .​
But,​ there are two parts to​ this equation.
We want to​ see what the​ competition is​ .​
So,​ in​ other words,​ no matter what your key term is​ and how many searches per month,​ if​ the​ competition number is​ just out of​ the​ water,​ like a​ billion,​ you​ know you​ have a​ huge competition there and it​ is​ probably better to​ find a​ different type of​ niche,​ a​ different type of​ subject,​ or​ different information to​ sell .​

But,​ ugg boots is​ a​ very respectable term,​ it’s getting respectable hits,​ so it’s worth further exploration .​
So,​ let’s go over to​ Google and let’s find out just exactly what the​ competition is​ .​
Let’s type in​ ugg boots and see,​ which narrows it​ down quite a​ bit to​ 1,​990,​000,​ so basically we have a​ number of​ two million for the​ competition which is​ very high .​
But if​ you​ keep it​ around a​ million or​ less,​ you​ can get into a​ good niche situation .​
the​ hundreds of​ thousands are even better,​ maybe 250,​000 or​ even 150,​000 that would be excellent numbers for this amount of​ keyword searches per month (57,​595) .​

So,​ we have ugg boots but let’s try and tighten that up a​ little bit better because we know that will work for a​ niche because it’s right around the​ one million mark and it​ does have a​ high search per month number .​
But,​ if​ we were going to​ use ugg boots let’s decide what kind of​ keywords we could put in​ our website for search engine optimization .​
Now we have our niche,​ let’s find the​ most targeted keywords for that niche.
So,​ we’ll type in​ ugg boots into Keyword Discovery and it​ brings up a​ result with the​ top search term being ugg boots size 8 and it​ has a​ monthly search of​ 1,​244 .​
But,​ like I​ said,​ there are two parts to​ this equation .​
Let’s find out what the​ competition is,​ so let’s go back to​ Google and type in​ ugg boots size 8 .​
It brings up a​ result with a​ much better competition bracket with only 238,​000 for that key term .​
See how we’re narrowing it​ down into a​ niche,​ into getting the​ right eyeballs to​ your site? If you’re selling ugg boots you​ don’t want people looking for cowboy boots coming to​ your site because that’s not what they’re looking for .​
you​ want people that are looking for ugg boots to​ come to​ your site—get the​ right eyeballs coming to​ your site—because if​ they’re looking for ugg boots,​ especially ugg boots size 8 and you’re store is​ on​ the​ first page,​ which can be accomplished with our methods,​ they’re going to​ click on​ you​ and they’re going to​ buy from you.
Now,​ just for curiosities sake,​ let’s see what one other keyword is​ bringing—cheap ugg boots is​ third on​ the​ list and it​ has 1,​241 hits per month and it’s just about three different from the​ ugg boots size 8 key term which had 1,​244 .​
So,​ let’s go find out it’s competition on​ Google .​
a​ search result for cheap ugg boots brings up 116,​000,​ so your competition is​ in​ half .​
This number is​ half of​ the​ other search which had 238,​000 .​
Even though the​ searches for those key terms are almost identical,​ there’s just about three searches difference ,​ but your competition has been reduced by half .​
So,​ you​ know that your cheap ugg boots is​ going to​ be one of​ your top keywords,​ plus it​ will help get the​ right eyeballs to​ your site .​
These are both very good .​

Another point I​ want to​ make is​ that we have four key terms that are at​ least one thousand searches per month or​ better and that’s where you​ want to​ start,​ or​ place your lower limit .​
Now,​ of​ course you’re going to​ have a​ balance between your competition and your key term that’s being searched for .​
But if​ you’re a​ thousand hits per month or​ better that will develop good organic traffic to​ your site and if​ you​ can get it​ narrowed down so that your competition is​ below a​ million,​ you’re going to​ have a​ niche .​
That was just real easily and straight forward how you​ can find a​ niche market and succeed.

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