Search Engine Marketing In House Or Outsource

After recently being involved in​ recruiting staff for a​ number of​ search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO) solutions it​ has become apparent that there is​ an​ increasing variation of​ skill set within the​ search marketing industry in​ the​ UK,​ as​ well as​ an​ increasing amount of​ competition,​ each vying for the​ best people available in​ the​ industry.

It has also become noticeable,​ by monitoring the​ UK recruitment boards,​ that many organisations are currently looking to​ bring their online marketing in-house,​ rather than outsourcing such work to​ a​ specialist search engine marketing or​ search engine optimisation company.

So what benefits can be leveraged from bringing SEO and SEM activity in-house,​ rather than outsourcing it​ to​ one of​ the​ many UK online marketing companies out there?

- Integration! Most obviously,​ integration with other marketing activity is​ probably one of​ the​ biggest driving forces behind the​ philosophy of​ bringing search engine marketing in-house.

- Focus! Search marketing organisations often work on​ a​ number of​ projects (for obvious economic reasons),​ juggling a​ number of​ campaigns and clients,​ and therefore not focussing clearly on​ any particular one. By bringing search marketing in-house,​ this focus can be ensured.

- Understanding! Nobody knows an​ organisation better than the​ organisation itself and it's staff,​ which can be a​ very valuable asset when heading down the​ search-marketing route.

However despite the​ advantages of​ bringing search engine marketing and search engine optimisation in​ house,​ it​ is​ still surprising that so many companies consider this route,​ for the​ following reasons:

- Economies of​ Scale! to​ effectively manage a​ full online marketing campaign an​ organisation would,​ in​ all probability,​ need a​ minimum of​ two key team members to​ effectively implement and manage on​ an​ ongoing basis. in​ today’s online marketing industry,​ such expertise could cost circa £60,​000 in​ terms of​ annual salary alone,​ with this figure growing considerably when taking into account the​ direct costs involved.

- Return on​ Investment (ROI)! it​ is​ doubtful that many organisations would see a​ significant return on​ investment on​ a​ £60-100,​000 online marketing outlay. However outsourcing such campaigns,​ really can result in​ significant returns on​ investment. For example,​ a​ typical ongoing campaign with a​ reputable SEO or​ SEM company could cost you​ around one quarter of​ the​ investment mentioned above.

- Utilisation of​ New Technologies! the​ benefit of​ focus,​ as​ mentioned earlier as​ an​ advantage,​ is​ a​ double-edged sword that could act to​ the​ detriment of​ a​ client. the​ incorporation of​ new methodologies,​ strategies,​ and technologies is​ often slower amongst in-house marketing teams than it​ is​ within SEM agencies.

Ultimately,​ organisations have to​ look towards the​ methods that they feel will benefit themselves. However in​ the​ haste to​ maintain control over all aspects of​ the​ business,​ is​ the​ potential for increased ROI through online marketing channels being overlooked because of​ naivety or​ bad planning?

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