Search Engine Marketing How Search Chameleon Can Dramatically Improve Your Search Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing How Search Chameleon Can Dramatically Improve
Your Search Campaigns

One of​ the​ most effective methods used in​ Internet marketing incorporates search engines. the​ fact is​ the​ majority of​ purchases,​ online and offline,​ are preceded by online searches in​ the​ various search portals like Google and Yahoo. Companies that know this endeavor to​ employ the​ latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques into their Web pages in​ order to​ gain a​ competitive edge in​ the​ ranking of​ their Web pages in​ the​ search results.

In the​ case of​ Google,​ page ranking is​ determined by a​ number of​ factors including the​ relevance of​ a​ page to​ the​ specific search terms used. Basically,​ Google’s algorithm monitors the​ amount of​ time a​ visitor spends on​ a​ Web page since the​ relevance of​ a​ page to​ the​ search terms used is​ a​ major factor in​ the​ importance of​ that page to​ a​ prospect. This is​ important because page ranking and sponsored ad per-click costs are factored based on​ the​ algorithm results.

In order to​ compete effectively Web developers frequently design a​ number of​ landing pages for the​ same product specific to​ certain popular keywords. SEO techniques such as​ using keywords in​ the​ page’s title and in​ the​ page text in​ a​ number of​ pages can be difficult to​ maintain and expensive to​ employ.

A software product named Search Chameleon was designed to​ automate this process by allowing a​ Web developer to​ incorporate scripting into a​ landing page causing the​ text in​ the​ title and/or the​ body of​ the​ page to​ adjust in​ real time based on​ the​ specific keywords used in​ the​ search engine and a​ sponsored advertisement.

The process works with a​ related sponsored ad which includes the​ keywords in​ the​ destination URL. This would complete a​ triangle of​ relevancy with the​ search term entered in​ the​ search engine,​ text in​ the​ sponsored ad and the​ text on​ the​ landing page. as​ stated previously,​ this can result in​ a​ very positive rating with Google’s algorithm.

The drawback is​ a​ Web developer would be limited to​ few keywords if​ the​ scripting is​ used in​ the​ body of​ the​ landing page because the​ flow of​ information would be negatively affected by using the​ wrong word in​ a​ sentence,​ for instance. it​ would probably work best if​ the​ script was used to​ change keywords only in​ the​ page’s title and paragraph titles.

So,​ although using Search Chameleon would reduce the​ cost and development time required for several landing pages,​ a​ Web developer would have to​ be very selective in​ the​ placement of​ the​ script in​ the​ body of​ the​ page.

Search Chameleon is​ a​ proprietary business application and only available in​ a​ suite of​ B2B Internet marketing tools named PromoBlackBox. This suite of​ tools includes other proprietary software and hosted applications intended for small to​ medium sized business. it​ was co-developed by a​ respected Internet marketing company recognized by both Google and Yahoo with their highest honors because of​ their marketing success.

The search engine marketing landscape is​ continually evolving as​ new technologies are introduced and as​ Web developers learn how to​ “beat the​ system”. as​ the​ major search engines update their search parameters,​ Web developers will have to​ adjust their on​ page SEO techniques to​ accommodate them. One thing that probably won’t change is​ the​ relevance of​ a​ landing page to​ the​ specific search terms used.

Search Engine Marketing How Search Chameleon Can Dramatically Improve
Your Search Campaigns

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