Search Engine Marketing Gaining Exposure Through Sponsored Ads

Search Engine Marketing Gaining Exposure Through Sponsored Ads

No matter how great your products or​ how well-designed your website,​ if​ no one ever sees them,​ you’ll never sell anything. you​ have to​ let people know you’re there. According to​ Boris Mordkovich of​,​ “Search engine marketing is​ a​ way to​ expose your business to​ thousands of​ people who are searching for your products and services.”

One of​ the​ main types of​ search engine marketing is​ pay-per-click advertising. Internet users search for items using keywords and phrases,​ so you​ bid on​ which keywords you​ want your business’ ads to​ show up for. When someone clicks on​ your ad,​ they’re redirected to​ your website,​ and you​ pay the​ search engine company a​ nominal fee.

Position Yourself for Profit

In most search engines,​ the​ highest bidder receives the​ top spot,​ so you​ can control where you​ want your ad to​ appear. Your goal is​ to​ be in​ the​ top three spots because the​ main search engines distribute those ads to​ their hundreds of​ thousands of​ partners. Though the​ number one spot gets the​ most traffic,​ you​ may want to​ go after the​ second or​ third position—research has shown they have higher conversion rates. Because buyers want options,​ they’re not necessarily ready to​ commit to​ the​ first ad they check out,​ but they may be ready by the​ time they reach the​ second or​ third one down.

3 Ways to​ Maximize Your Ad Campaign

You can take some simple steps to​ get the​ most out of​ your advertisements:

• Get Help Managing Your Bids. Keeping up with daily changing bid prices,​ especially when you​ have numerous keywords,​ can be a​ daunting task. Google and Yahoo both have software programs to​ help you​ manage your bids,​ as​ does These programs can close bid gaps or​ adjust your bids automatically if​ a​ bidding war starts. They have a​ number of​ algorithms you​ can use to​ set the​ parameters of​ your bids.

• Promote Your Product on​ Related Websites. the​ major search engines offer programs,​ such as​ Google’s AdSense,​ that let you​ advertise on​ websites pertinent to​ your product. These sites display your ads,​ and charge you​ a​ set fee every time their traffic clicks through to​ your store. you​ should monitor your performance results,​ however—traffic coming from informational sites may not convert as​ well as​ traffic searching for your specific product.

• Target Your Ads. For keyword you​ bid on,​ write a​ separate ad,​ with copy focused around that word. Each ad should take the​ customer to​ the​ landing page that sells their particular item of​ interest,​ rather than redirecting them to​ your website’s homepage. Says Mordkovich,​ “It’s definitely more work in​ the​ short-term,​ but it​ will yield much better results.”

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