Search Engine Marketing For The Starving Artist

Search Engine Marketing For The Starving Artist

The internet is​ a​ powerful tool artists can use to​ market themselves. It's not complicated and only requires time and maybe a​ little money.

The following are four techniques an​ artist can use to​ successfully market themselves online.

1) Article marketing

If you​ have a​ specific genre of​ art that you​ primarily work with,​ you​ can write articles about it. Since you're already intimately familiar with it,​ you​ shouldn't have to​ conduct any research.

A lot of​ people avoid article marketing because they think it​ entails gobs of​ research.

If you're writing about what you​ already know,​ then you​ shouldn't have to​ do any research. Just because you​ don't conduct research doesn't mean it's not good writing. It's good writing because you​ know your subject and can communicate it​ well.

After you​ write an​ article,​ you​ need to​ submit it​ to​ an​ article directory. There are several very good article directories available. Do a​ search for "article directory" online.

2) Digitize your art

The only way others are going to​ get to​ know you​ and your art is​ for them to​ see your art.

All you​ need is​ a​ digital camera and a​ website to​ make it​ work. There are also photo sharing websites that will allow you​ to​ post pictures of​ your art for free.

Anyone who is​ serious about marketing online needs to​ have their own website. Having a​ website is​ about creating your own brand. you​ can't create a​ brand on​ a​ photo sharing site alone.

3) Give something away

People like free stuff. in​ exchange for an​ email and name,​ give visitors access to​ a​ "private" collection of​ your art.

You may also want to​ put together a​ small ebook with your best art. Along with pictures,​ you​ can include captions and other interesting facts.

4) Give yourself away

One of​ the​ primary reasons I tell someone to​ get a​ website is​ because it​ opens up so many more marketing channels. if​ you​ have a​ website,​ you​ can pass out cards with your web address (URL).

Many times,​ people will visit your site out of​ curiosity. it​ may not get you​ a​ targeted visitor but that single visitor may know someone with art interests.

It doesn't take much talent,​ computer knowledge,​ or​ a​ college degree to​ market yourself successfully online. as​ an​ artist,​ creativity is​ an​ enjoyable and important process. Now,​ all you​ have to​ do is​ apply that creativity to​ your online marketing efforts.

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