Save Time And Energy With A Lawn Tractor

In this article you will find information about lawn tractors. Knowing the​ prices,​ various uses,​ and how to​ use this tool safely can help you make the​ knowledgeable decision about which lawn tractor is​ best for you and your uses.

Lawn Tractors = Small Tractors
If you need a​ tractor for different kinds of​ farmwork for less than 2 acres,​ then a​ farm tractor is​ the​ best choice for you. You can greatly reduce your manual labor,​ due to​ the​ many attachments that are available for lawn tractors. You will find that this can help you keep your garden in​ tip-top condition in​ much less time. in​ most cases,​ a​ lawn tractor up to​ a​ maximum of​ 7-10 HP will also have a​ ZTR (zero turning radius) feature to​ help you when working in​ a​ smaller field.

The Versatility of​ Lawn Tractors
Versatility is​ a​ major benefit of​ lawn tractors. Some of​ the​ jobs that can be completed by lawn tractors include hole digging,​ lawn rolling,​ tilling,​ mowing,​ and many other jobs. the​ power take off spindle makes these jobs easily possible. That is​ why lawn tractors are a​ gardener's best friend.

Purchasing a​ Lawn Tractor
Choosing and purchasing a​ lawn tractor is​ much like buying an​ automobile. the​ optional accessories increase the​ prices of​ both a​ car and a​ lawn tractor. That is​ why you want to​ choose your lawn tractor and accessories wisely to​ ensure that you will use the​ ones that you are purchasing. You also want to​ ensure that you can try the​ lawn tractor in​ the​ showroom to​ ensure that you can attach and remove the​ accessories with very little effort. Test-drive the​ lawn tractor to​ make sure you can get in​ and out of​ it​ easily as​ well.

Price of​ Lawn Tractors
There is​ a​ large price range in​ lawn tractors. a​ smaller lawn tractor can start at​ $900 and go up to​ $6000. the​ Bolen 762F76 is​ a​ basic model and it​ is​ available for just under $900,​ while the​ John Deer Spin-Steer SST-16 is​ approximately $3300. a​ Poulan Pro PK1845H42ST is​ about $1400. These costs are for the​ tractor without any accessories. Accessories can make the​ cost greatly increase. a​ canopy starts at​ $110 and a​ collection bag for grass is​ around $300. a​ cart can run you anywhere from $110 to​ $220,​ depending upon the​ size. Now you see how the​ costs can quickly add up. if​ you are planning to​ use the​ lawn tractor for mowing 1/2 to​ 1 acre,​ then you may want to​ choose a​ stand behind lawnmower for around $350,​ instead of​ a​ lawn tractor.

Safely Using a​ Lawn Tractor
Lawn tractors are designed with a​ low center of​ gravity and that is​ why there is​ very little possibility of​ the​ lawn tractors tipping over. it​ is​ important to​ use the​ following safety precautions,​ regardless of​ the​ little possibility of​ them turning over.

• it​ is​ important that you watch your speed,​ especially when you are on​ an​ incline. a​ small rock can cause your lawn tractor to​ have problems and possibly injure you.

• While getting off of​ the​ lawn tractor,​ ensure that it​ is​ turned off and all attachments touch the​ ground,​ if​ at​ all possible.

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