Rock Your World With The Universal Law Of Attraction

Rock Your World With The Universal Law Of Attraction you have seen the​ Secret. Now,​ it's time to​ get rockin' with the​ Law of​ Attraction.

So many times people get all jazzed up when they learn about the​ Law of​ Attraction - but implementing it​ gets tricky and that "jazz" fizzles out.

So let's talk about the​ Law,​ and then I will give you the​ "how" on​ implementing it. Are you game?!

What do you think of​ when you hear the​ word "attract"? How would it​ feel to​ be able to​ ATTRACT what ever you would like INTO your life? It's possible. You can come to​ depend on​ the​ Universal Law of​ Attraction,​ just has you have come to​ depend on​ the​ Physical Law of​ Gravity.

You may have heard the​ Law of​ Attraction referred to​ in​ different ways throughout your life,​ but it​ has no doubt shown up. Here's a​ few ways we​ have talked about it...

1. What you sown you reap.
2. What you put out you get back.
3. Like attracts like
4. Law of​ supply and demand
5. What comes around goes around.
6. "As a​ man thinks in​ his heart,​ so is​ he." Proverbs 23:7
7. Emerson called it​ the​ Law of​ Compensation

Catherine Ponder,​ author of​ the​ Dynamic Law of​ Prosperity defines the​ Law of​ Attraction like this: "What you radiate outward in​ your thoughts,​ feelings,​ mental pictures,​ and words you attract into your life."

Abraham-Hicks,​ defines the​ Law of​ Attraction like this: "That which is​ like unto itself is​ drawn." Yes,​ like attracts like. What does this mean for you? it​ means that when you are focused upon what you WANT to​ create in​ your life you will attract that....and when you are focused upon what you DON'T WANT to​ create in​ your life,​ you will attract that too. it​ means that you are indeed a​ magnet,​ and it​ means that you are a​ magnifying glass. What you focus on​ gets bigger...and comes to​ you quickly.

You may have had the​ experience in​ your life where you have wanted something very badly,​ and out of​ that passion,​ out of​ that pure desire,​ you were able to​ create it. There was no stopping you. You believed that it​ was to​ be,​ and you did not doubt that it​ was to​ come into your life. You said YES! to​ having that "something" come into your life.

You may also have had the​ experience in​ your life where you have wanted something very much,​ and have not been able to​ create it. Think about money for a​ moment... You want very badly to​ create the​ flow of​ money into your life,​ but you don't. You say,​ I want more money...but I hate paying bills,​ I hate that others have it​ and I don't,​ money is​ evil,​ or​ you just focus on​ the​ fact that you indeed can't create it. You take action,​ you ask,​ you pray and it​ still does not show up. You focus on​ the​ fact that it's not here,​ you focus on​ the​ lack of​ money in​ your life. What do you think you will create?

So,​ if​ like attracts like....and you focus on​ the​ negative aspects of​ anything,​ or​ focus on​ what you do not have - you will create more of​ what you do not have. if​ you focus on​ what is,​ you will create more of​ what is. if​ you focus (and sometimes we​ do very strongly) on​ what you DON'T want in​ your life,​ for example,​ I don't want cancer...I don't want poverty...I don't want this or​ that or​ this or​ are saying NO to​ it,​ and that as​ well will bring it​ into our lives. What we​ give our attention to​ comes into our is​ the​ Law of​ Attraction. Whether you are saying yes or​ no to​ something does not matter - it​ is​ the​ focus that carries the​ vibration and causes us to​ attract unto us. Be careful what you say no to.

The key would be to​ focus on​ FEELING GOOD and focus on​ what you DO want! the​ key is​ to​ consciously be aware of​ your abundance mentality,​ and know that you attract what you radiate and vibrate into the​ world. Nothing is​ more important that feelings good! How you are feeling and where your attention is,​ is​ your point of​ attraction. Period.

You must remember that the​ universe is​ abundant - completely. There is​ no lack,​ only our perception of​ it. You must remember that there is​ always enough,​ and what you ask for is​ given to​ you. You must remember that you were meant to​ prosper... be wealthy on​ all levels of​ life. There is​ nothing that you can conceive of​ that you can not be,​ do,​ or​ have.

Most of​ the​ time we​ walk around creating by it's time to​ create using the​ Law of​ Attraction. You can be or​ do or​ have anything that you desire in​ this life. You must acknowledge yourself as​ the​ powerful creator that you are and choose thoughts and feelings that make you feel good,​ and that are in​ alignment with what you really want in​ your life.

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