Robotic Lawn Mowers Keep Burglars Away

Most motor home owners are concerned about what they are coming home to,​ or​ rather what they might not be coming home to,​ after a​ long trip. we​ notify the​ neighbors,​ plug-in the​ timers on​ the​ lights and set the​ alarm system as​ we​ walk out the​ door. Our biggest concern was not our landscaper,​ but the​ people he hired to​ help.

Let’s face it,​ most landscapers are not going to​ do a​ thorough criminal background check on​ their help. it​ was probably the​ weakest link in​ our home protection scheme,​ after all it​ is​ obvious when nobody’s home. a​ few times seeing the​ RV and occupants missing is​ an​ invitation to​ the​ less scrupulous.

We saw an​ advertisement for a​ robotic lawn mower on​ the​ internet and figured we’d give it​ a​ try. it​ worked out better than we​ expected. in​ fact,​ it​ worked out so well I decided to​ start selling them. Like 80% of​ robotic lawn mower owners,​ we​ gave it​ a​ name,​ Moe.

We have the​ best neighbors anyone can ask for,​ okay the​ nosiest neighbors any can stand to​ live near. Now not only do they watch the​ house while we​ are gone,​ they watch Moe while we​ are home.

It has been more than six months since we​ set Moe loose in​ the​ yard and I still get almost daily reports of​ where it​ went and what it​ bumped into and the,​ “I thought for sure it​ was going to..” if​ Nielsen started rating Moe it’d probably rank above the​ Braves games in​ our neighborhood. Woe be the​ neighbor who missed a​ Moe outing!

Moe doesn’t trim hedges and doesn’t weed eat or​ edge,​ but it​ does a​ very good job keeping the​ yard cut. When we​ are going to​ be gone for any length of​ time we​ have a​ neighbor kid come over and weed eat. the​ hedges only need to​ be taken care of​ twice a​ year,​ so we​ do that ourselves.

We hadn’t missed the​ money we​ were paying the​ lawn service,​ but we​ noticed it​ when we​ stopped. it​ was like a​ nice little tax-free pay raise. it​ was so pleasurable that next year we​ are going to​ stop paying the​ mortgage.

We also hadn’t noticed until recently,​ it​ is​ kind of​ nice when some one else is​ taking care of​ the​ yard,​ but there is​ a​ bit of​ stress as​ well. When strangers are in​ and around the​ house- whether we​ are home or​ not- just makes both of​ us a​ little bit nervous.

This way we​ have the​ best of​ both worlds,​ the​ yard is​ professionally being taking care of​ and you can hardly call Moe a​ stranger.

Now if​ we​ can only get our neighbors to​ get one!

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