River Cruising A Popular Choice For Cheap Luxury Cruises

Travel agents are used to​ getting calls from travelers interested in​ luxury travel vacations who want to​ travel on​ a​ budget. While some more experienced travelers may roll their eyes,​ there is​ one big secret for travelers who are looking for a​ five star experience on​ a​ three star budget. it​ is​ called river cruising.

These river cruises have all the​ benefits that large cruise ships have. River cruising ships and itineraries are specifically set up to​ meet the​ highest standards of​ luxury,​ comfort,​ and convenience,​ similar to​ that of​ a​ luxury world cruise. You only unpack your bags once,​ dining is​ included in​ the​ price,​ and you can visit several different locations. Unlike big sea cruise vessels,​ river cruise boats are much smaller,​ with a​ maximum passenger number of​ about 150. There are no large crowds onboard during dining times and at​ on​ board activities. You will come to​ know your fellow travelers very well,​ and are likely to​ form bonds to​ last a​ lifetime. Thanks to​ the​ small and intimate number of​ travelers,​ the​ attention paid to​ each traveler on​ a​ river cruise ship is​ truly the​ height of​ luxury.

With river cruises,​ you get more included in​ your fare than large sea cruises,​ making it​ a​ luxury travel vacation full of​ added value. River cruises usually include a​ half-day land excursion for each day of​ the​ cruise. Many river cruise boats do not have interior cabins,​ meaning you will have more views of​ the​ countryside. While most sea cruise ships are forced to​ only experience the​ charm of​ port cities,​ river cruises give travelers access to​ inland areas of​ countries. a​ lot of​ your sight seeing can be done from your boat. Imagine sailing along some of​ the​ most famous rivers and waterways of​ the​ world,​ rather than the​ country’s infamously congested highways. River cruises often stop to​ experience sights that are more quaint,​ such as​ intimate villages,​ towns and vineyards,​ which would most likely be missed or​ overrun by a​ sea cruise ship. For more help with your luxury travel vacation visit http://www.amtvacations.com.

River cruises start at​ about $1,​300 per person. That amount may seem like a​ lot when big sea cruise ships are offering interior cabins at​ about $500 per person; but on​ a​ river cruise,​ you are staying in​ a​ cabin with a​ guaranteed ocean view. On big ships,​ excursions are almost always an​ extra price,​ whereas on​ river cruises,​ they are included. With river cruises,​ all the​ food is​ gourmet,​ and is​ included. River ships are smaller,​ more intimate and are built to​ provide the​ highest level of​ customer service and satisfaction. if​ you want to​ take a​ luxury travel vacation and want the​ most bang for your buck,​ consider the​ values in​ a​ luxury river cruise.

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