Replace Your Wedding Dj With An Ipod

Replace Your Wedding Dj With An Ipod

Whether its true or​ not,​ most everyone agrees that wedding DJs are expensive. a​ popular tip circulating the​ net is​ to​ replace your wedding DJ with an​ iPod and DJ your reception yourself. While this may sound like a​ great idea,​ there are some things to​ consider. Just as​ with any do-it-yourself project,​ you must be aware of​ all facets before you start.

The first most important job for a​ good DJ is​ to​ play music that the​ crowd enjoys. a​ simple shuffle has no way of​ knowing who is​ dancing to​ what. a​ person does need to​ run things,​ but not just any person will do. Putting your 12 year old nephew won't do you any good. the​ person in​ charge of​ the​ music needs a​ large amount of​ music knowledge. a​ good DJ should have this knowledge. a​ good DJ should be able to​ identify a​ song based on​ a​ few bars hummed out of​ tune or​ a​ snippet of​ lyrics that are slightly incorrect. Your DJ must not have a​ fear of​ speaking in​ front of​ a​ crowd,​ and this is​ not as​ easy as​ it​ sounds. One simply has to​ think of​ all the​ Best men who have hemmed and hawed their way through a​ wedding toast with the​ microphone held at​ waist level. Also,​ does he/she know how to​ auction off a​ garter or​ any of​ the​ other traditional reception activities? if​ not,​ will the​ bride and groom want to​ do these things while they should be enjoying their guests? Oh,​ and just like you would give your wedding singer or​ officiant a​ tip for performing your ceremony,​ don't forget a​ gratuity for your impromptu DJ.

Unless you're a​ music collector,​ chances are you don't have a​ music library with waltzes,​ polkas,​ old country,​ new country,​ oldies,​ classic rock,​ new rock,​ soft rock,​ hard rock,​ hip hop,​ dance,​ etc. And,​ unless you want to​ subject your guests to​ your musical tastes,​ you should probably buy a​ selection of​ these songs. if​ you're not up on​ popular waltzes and polkas,​ or​ don't know which songs are currently topping the​ country Top 40,​ search the​ web. $25 dollars should buy you enough music on​ iTunes to​ cover enough various musical tastes that most guests will enjoy themselves.

Another task for a​ good wedding DJ is​ one who is​ covered by insurance. Sure,​ your homeowners policy *might* cover it,​ but I'd hate to​ see your premiums next year if​ an​ accident does occur. Don't think accidents will happen to​ you? Are you serving alcohol at​ your reception? if​ you're telling yourself,​ "All the​ drunk people I know never act like fools!",​ stop and think about that again. Besides,​ many venues require proof of​ insurance because they don't want to​ see their premiums raised because your grandma tripped on​ a​ speaker cable and broke her hip. Searching the​ web for "wedding event insurance" will yield a​ whole crop of​ insurers who will give you a​ $1 million dollar policy for around $200.

Equipment is​ of​ course another important factor a​ good DJ brings to​ your reception. Do you know where to​ get speakers? or​ mics? or​ Mixer?? Larger cities will have rental companies that can provide these things. You can even find many such companies by searching the​ web for "dj equipment rental". Most wedding sized systems rent for anywhere from $250 to​ $500 dollars per day. in​ most cases,​ you must provide a​ truck or​ van to​ transport the​ equipment. Now,​ do you know how to​ set these things up? if​ not,​ will the​ rental company give you a​ tutorial? Some rental companies will give you a​ tutorial when you pick the​ equipment up,​ but make sure to​ take notes,​ because if​ you have to​ call them later they will likely charge you for a​ service call. Some equipment rental companies will deliver,​ setup,​ and test their equipment as​ well as​ pick up later,​ but this is​ extra.

That being said,​ if​ you KNOW your group will interact without being prompted (or just don't care if​ they interact or​ not),​ and if​ you've got a​ person with an​ encyclopedic knowledge of​ music that will run your iPod (instead of​ enjoying your reception),​ and you have adequate insurance to​ cover any accidents that occur due to​ your iPod setup,​ and you have a​ large enough music library to​ make sure everyone gets to​ hear the​ music they want,​ and you're able to​ get your hands on​ adequate dance lights and speakers,​ and will be saving money by spending $550 to​ $700 then by all means use an​ iPod. You honestly have no need for a​ DJ.

If planning and organizing all this sounds like just one more hassle,​ you'd probably do better to​ hire a​ professional so that you can enjoy your reception and spend your first day as​ husband and wife doing something besides returning rental equipment. For a​ few dollars more you'll get professional equipment,​ professional knowledge from someone who has planned and performed at​ hundreds of​ weddings,​ peace of​ mind that any glitches will be resolved quickly,​ no hassles about tearing down equipment when the​ reception is​ over,​ and no worries about getting it​ back before you owe another day's worth of​ rental fees.

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