Real Estate Search Engine Marketing Options

Search Engine Marketing: Options for Real Estate Agents

Using search engines has become one of​ the​ most popular activities on​ the​ Internet,​ second only to​ email. But with millions of​ websites and billions of​ web pages,​ potential homebuyers need a​ tool that can sift through this clutter to​ find the​ realtor websites relevant to​ their search.

Thanks mostly to​ the​ techniques pioneered by Google,​ search engines have become remarkably effective at​ providing results that are highly relevant to​ the​ term or​ phrase the​ user searches on​ like
Homes for Sale. But to​ be relevant,​ you​ have to​ be found,​ and this is​ where search engine marketing comes in.

What is​ Search Engine Marketing?

You may have great inventory,​ a​ fantastic local clientele,​ and a​ high-end new website,​ but if​ that website doesn't show up on​ the​ first two pages of​ Google (or Yahoo,​ MSN,​ or​ Ask Jeeves),​ you're not getting the​ exposure you​ need to​ remain competitive.

Why aren't you​ showing up? you​ may have overlooked search engine marketing. Effective search engine marketing is​ about more than just optimizing your website or​ submitting it​ to​ the​ search engines for indexing. When hundreds or​ thousands of​ your competitors are competing with you​ on​ your service and keywords,​ just one Internet marketing technique won't give you​ high rankings.

Studies have proven what most Internet users know already - people usually do not look past the​ first two pages of​ search results. And with over 71% of​ homebuyers initiating their home search on​ the​ Internet (according to​ the​ National Association of​ Realtors),​ you​ can't afford to​ miss out on​ all of​ those active buyers. And if​ your site isn't ranked high,​ it​ probably isn't pulling in​ leads either - leads that translate to​ more sales and more commissions.

How does it​ work?

Unlike organic search engine optimization,​ which you​ (or your webmasters) can do yourself,​ search engine marketing requires a​ little financial investment to​ generate results. It's pay to​ play,​ but the​ rewards are worth it.

Generally speaking,​ search engine marketing is​ the​ advertising that appears on​ top of​ or​ along side the​ "natural" or​ organic search results on​ search engine sites such as​ Google,​ MSN,​ Yahoo and many others,​ usually under the​ heading of​ "Sponsored Links" or​ "Sponsored Sites." These links can also show up on​ many consumer and industry-specific websites,​ depending on​ the​ keywords used like Fort Myers Beach Florida Real Estate.

The copy that you​ see in​ the​ advertisement is​ usually written by the​ site owner,​ who will also come up with the​ keywords and keyword phrases trigger the​ ad. the​ site owner also determines how much she is​ willing to​ pay for each click as​ well as​ daily maximum limit,​ giving total control of​ targeting and spending. Advertising charges are only incurred when a​ visitor clicks on​ the​ ad,​ not when the​ ad is​ shown.

Although sponsored listings are a​ popular way to​ conduct your search engine marketing,​ there are other ways to​ get great results. Many real estate agents are finding that having the​ time and expense of​ a​ good search engine marketing service done for them by a​ third-party is​ a​ great way to​ go.

Getting traffic to​ your real estate website

In addition to​ buying sponsored (paid) listings,​ lead tracking,​ and email marketing excellent strategies for drawing relevant real estate leads to​ your real estate website. All of​ these methods work quite well and give you​ a​ high return on​ investment,​ when done properly that is. if​ you​ do not have the​ time or​ energy to​ invest in​ creating your own real estate marketing campaign for search engines,​ you​ can always leave it​ to​ the​ experts to​ create a​ custom-designed solution for you.

But let's look at​ each of​ the​ above methods in​ more detail.

Sponsored (Paid) Listings

As mentioned above,​ sponsored,​ or​ paid listings are a​ great way to​ get fast visibility on​ the​ major search engines.

Google AdWords is​ by far the​ most popular sponsored listings program,​ mainly because the​ Google network is​ used by 80% of​ all Internet users. the​ AdWord program allows you​ to​ create your own ads based upon the​ keywords most relevant to​ your business. you​ can also choose to​ have Google write the​ ad for you​ for an​ extra fee.

Lead Tracking

Sponsored listings and SEO can help attract leads,​ but to​ truly get the​ most out of​ SEM,​ you​ will want to​ develop a​ lead tracking system to​ target the​ customers and prospects most likely to​ be interested in​ your services.

Lead tracking brings both short- and long-term benefits to​ your company - giving you​ instant access to​ information about each sales prospect while also helping to​ streamline and manage the​ sales process.

Lead tracking not only helps you​ attract more customers,​ it​ also tracks your return on​ investment,​ so you​ know exactly how much each lead is​ worth,​ how many leads convert into transactions,​ and your overall return on​ investment in​ your advertising dollars.

Email Marketing

So now you​ have high rankings on​ the​ search engines and lead tracking is​ bringing in​ numerous high-quality prospects. Now what? Email marketing is​ the​ icing on​ the​ SEM cake - it​ impresses your prospects by allowing you​ to​ send them valuable information on​ the​ market and it​ helps you​ to​ stay fresh in​ their minds.

Relevant Real Estate Website Traffic

At Fidelity Assets we have a​ better way. We charge you​ a​ flat fee every month for the​ number of​ visitors you​ want sent to​ your site from the​ search engines. That's it. Your costs are fixed,​ and your traffic and quality is​ guaranteed. you​ can start with as​ few as​ 30 visitors a​ month for a​ flat $59.95/month fee. you​ can buy more traffic as​ your business grows over time.

Fidelity Assets was created and is​ staffed by search engine marketing experts. Our company manages online advertising for real estate agents,​ and our employees are veterans of​ companies such as​ NBC Internet,​,​ Infoseek,​ CNET and other pioneering advertising and e-commerce companies. We know the​ online ad space better than anyone.
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