Ready Set Summer Tips For Stress Free Adventures

Ready Set Summer Tips For Stress Free Adventures

Filled with sunny days and dispositions,​ summer is​ for the​ lighthearted. For many,​ it's the​ season for camping trips and barbeques. Here are some suggestions that will help take you​ seamlessly through this traditional vacation-time season.

Set yourself up for success and avoid burned skin,​ blisters and back pain. There's no better time to​ pick up a​ new backpack with enhanced shoulder and back support,​ the​ best sun protection gear available today,​ and a​ versatile pair of​ all-terrain footwear. as​ fabrics continue to​ evolve into lightweight,​ multifunctional marvels of​ technology,​ there are many smart choices available for the​ entire family.

Exploring the​ Wilderness

If hiking and camping are your family's activities of​ choice,​ you​ have an​ array of​ gear to​ choose from,​ including tents,​ bicycles,​ outdoor tools and backpacks. For example,​ the​ Pearl Titanium™ backpack incorporates top-of-the-line materials and design elements such as​ S-curve laminated shoulder straps,​ a​ foam-padded back and taped seams for increased weather protection. Gone are the​ days of​ bulky,​ heavy packs. the​ newest backpacks are lightweight and come with extra functionality to​ make the​ most of​ every square inch.

Once the​ right pack is​ taken care of,​ ensuring you​ have essential survival items,​ including area maps,​ first aid supplies and extra food and water,​ will ease your worries and enable you​ to​ enjoy the​ experience.

Water Sports

Many families take to​ the​ lakes,​ rivers and ocean beaches to​ beat the​ heat of​ summer. Sun protection should never be underestimated. Apply a​ broad-spectrum sun-blocking lotion and reapply often. if​ you​ can see light through a​ fabric,​ UV rays can get through,​ too. a​ great option available now is​ clothing that incorporates Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) into the​ fabric,​ blocking up to​ 97.5 percent of​ UV rays. the​ Titanium Silver Ridge™ shirt by Columbia Sportswear provides enhanced UPF protection,​ moisture wicking properties to​ keep you​ cool and dry,​ and stretch for comfort.

Versatility from Peaks to​ Coast

Always take care of​ those feet. Invest in​ a​ good pair of​ versatile outdoor shoes that can take you​ from the​ mountains to​ the​ beach. the​ Titanium Thresher Interchange™ sandal by Columbia Sportswear is​ extremely versatile and perfect for endeavors in​ and out of​ the​ water.

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