Problems People Have With The Law Of Attraction

Problems People Have with the​ Law of​ Attraction
The Law of​ Attraction seems so easy for some .​
Others try and try and have no success .​
They wonder why this should be true .​
There are some very good reasons why people have problems using the​ Law of​ Attraction .​

The most obvious answer to​ the​ question of​ why it​ isn't working is​ that you might be expecting to​ instantaneously have what you ask for .​
You have to​ realize that you are simply sending out positive energy surrounding a​ subject .​
You must trust Law of​
Attraction to​ send it​ back to​ you in​ its time .​

When trying to​ use the​ Law of​ Attraction,​ you may find that you are always tapping your foot and asking when it's going to​ happen for you .​
If you do,​ it​ may mean that you are not really coming into it​ believing in​ anything .​
You are just testing the​ waters and not willing to​ commit to​ anything .​

You might also be expecting the​ answer to​ your demands to​ come by a​ certain method .​
For example,​ you might ask for money .​
You are hoping someone will just give it​ to​ you .​
This may be your idea of​ the​ Law of​ Attraction .​
However,​ if​ you are alert to​ the​ universe around you,​ you may come across another means .​

An idea might come to​ you that would bring you the​ money you desire .​
It might involve some work,​ but the​ end result would be the​ same .​
If your energy is​ positive,​ you will look upon this circumstance with gratitude and joy .​
By the​ Law of​ Attraction,​ this can only multiply the​ good in​ your life .​

Another mistake people make in​ using the​ Law of​ Attraction is​ to​ put too much emphasis on​ the​ evidence they see .​
When they see things that seem to​ prove that the​ Law of​ Attraction is​ not working,​ they quit believing .​
They get frustrated and become a​ mass of​ negative vibrations .​
This will bring more of​ the​ same .​

The truth is​ that if​ they really understand the​ Law of​ Attraction and the​ science behind it,​ external evidence will have little effect on​ them .​
This is​ because they will have total belief and trust that the​ Law of​ Attraction has been working all along .​
What is​ happening in​ the​ beginning is​ only a​ manifestation of​ earlier bad energy .​

Their new positive,​ focused thoughts,​ without doubt,​ will come to​ fruition in​ the​ future .​
This is​ the​ outlook of​ a​ person who has mastered the​ use of​ the​ Law of​ Attraction .​
That person will believe in​ the​ outcome because he/she believes in​ the​ process .​

A person might also have problems fully using the​ Law of​ Attraction because their past outlook has been so limited .​
They have strong emotions about things they consider too hard to​ conquer or​ too much or​ too big to​ have .​

When these emotions come up,​ it​ changes the​ energy you are sending out .​
Lecturers and writers of​ the​ Law of​ Attraction have developed ways to​ release such emotions .​
These methods allow the​ person to​ fully use the​ Law of​ Attraction .​

If you properly use the​ Law of​ Attraction,​ you will have what you want .​
It is​ and isn't easy .​
You only need to​ change the​ way you think and feel about things .​
If you can come to​ understand the​ Law of​ Attraction fully,​ you can make it​ work for you .​

Problems People Have With The Law Of Attraction

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