Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Is A State Contingent Upon Happening Of An Event

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Is A State Contingent Upon Happening Of
An Event

When stress is​ qualified with two additional words,​ traumatic on​ the​ left side and disorder on​ the​ right side,​ what can happen to​ an​ individual? it​ is​ not only the​ situation that you​ have to​ face; it​ is​ an​ ordeal that you​ have to​ undergo.

It is​ not a​ disease in​ itself. Post traumatic stress disorder or​ PTSD is​ a​ state,​ contingent upon happening of​ an​ event. it​ depends upon the​ intensity of​ the​ incident,​ and the​ level of​ your response to​ it. Feeling of​ danger to​ life is​ one of​ the​ worst types of​ traumatic stress disorders one may have to​ undergo.

Our soldiers are but human beings. There is​ a​ limit beyond which the​ human mind would say,​ “Well,​ this is​ the​ limit. Beyond this I can not bear. This is​ demonic.” the​ dastardly war-scenes might trouble his memory,​ repeatedly. Even if​ you​ are not the​ direct sufferer,​ the​ impact of​ the​ suffering of​ others,​ watching a​ serious accident,​ a​ natural calamity like Tsunami,​ or​ a​ violent terrorist attack,​ a​ devastating fire- all these could lead to​ PTSD.

The following factors may also contribute to​ PTSD:

1. Flashbacks that create intense impact in​ your mind.
2. Highly disturbing memories.
3. Feelings of​ guilt.
4. Panic attacks.
5. Panoria.

The treatment for PTSD varies from individual to​ individual. it​ depends upon his mental and intellectual levels-his capacity to​ understand and bear the​ strain. Post-traumatic stress disorders can cause flashbacks,​ which are vivid,​ and disturbing memories of​ the​ event.

The person with PTSD is​ helpless individual and requires sympathy and understanding. Tactful handling of​ the​ person is​ required to​ create fresh hopes in​ his life. Efforts must be made to​ cultivate in​ him deep understanding of​ life. Counseling on​ socio-spiritual topics is​ likely to​ give positive results in​ his disposition. His emotional numbness will have to​ be tackled. the​ person needs to​ be told that he has a​ purpose in​ life and he must fulfill it,​ by positive thinking. There are many cases in​ this world,​ which are worse than his,​ he needs to​ be emphatically but politely be told.

The attack of​ PTSD is​ difficult to​ predict. it​ may be immediate,​ one month after the​ event,​ sometimes,​ it​ might happen after years.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Is A State Contingent Upon Happening Of
An Event

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