Plc International Marketing Networks Launches New Website For Philippine Condotel Investments

Plc International Marketing Networks Launches New Website For
Philippine Condotel Investments

PLC International Marketing Networks launches new website for Philippine Condotel Investments
PLC’s interactive website features online updates for available suites,​ forums,​ buyer information on​ Philippine Real Estate investments,​ Real Estate Laws and Visa Requirements .​
Video downloads of​ interior designs are also available for members to​ access.
Beth Collingz,​ PLC International Marketing Director said Pacific Concord Properties,​ Inc.,​ Flagship Lancaster Suites Condotel [Manila] development is​ located along Shaw Boulevard,​ Mandaluyong City,​ Metro Manila,​ one of​ the​ hottest Condotel Investments in​ the​ Philippines
To be called Lancaster the​ Atrium [which is​ the​ second Tower adjacent to​ the​ existing Sold Out Tower I] we are now accepting Reservations for Studio,​ One,​ Two & Three Bedroom Suites adopting International Standard Escrow Trust Account Buyer Safe Easy Secure Payment Plans with 6 year interest free payment terms or​ up to​ 12 year In-House financing available,​ full condo ownership,​ no management costs for Condotel Suites,​ no enrollment charges for joining the​ Condotel Rental Pool,​ and minimum monthly maintenance fees,​ as​ buyers or​ sellers of​ Real Estate you​ really should take a​ moment to​ look at​ this Philippine Condotel Investment Opportunity
Lancaster Manila Atrium Tower A,​ Shaw Boulevard,​ Metro Manila,​ Philippines is​ a​ Full Service Condominium Hotel [Condotel] offering Studio,​ One,​ Two and Three Bedroom Suites for sale.
To be completed and ready for turnover from December 2010,​ the​ Lancaster Suites Manila Atrium Tower II will provide unit owners with premier residential condo units with the​ option of​ enrolling their units in​ the​ Lancaster Condotel Rental Pool.
Collingz said This Condotel Investment opportunity now on​ preconstruction sales,​ will be a​ great investment for Fil-Am's whom visit Manila for Vacations or​ Business as​ they can earn Rental Incomes [at current purchase levels] of​ some 14-16% ROI per annum as​ Owner Non-Residents when not using their units through Condotel Management and reciprocal arrangement with Lancaster Cebu Resort Residences .​
This makes Lancaster Suites one of​ the​ Hottest Investment Opportunities in​ the​ Philippines .​
All units at​ the​ Lancaster Suites have kitchen facilities .​
The standard unit price provides for the​ suite to​ be finished but not fully furnished .​
Included in​ the​ current price are the​ interior finishing’s such as​ tiled & fitted bathrooms,​ bedrooms with simulated wood plank flooring,​ living and dining area tiled floorings and lower kitchen cabinets/work tops installed .​
a​ complete optional extra interior fit-out package including appliances will be available towards the​ time the​ units are closer to​ being completed towards the​ latter part of​ 2009 .​
Monthly condo dues or​ maintenance fees are currently around 80 pesos/square meter of​ the​ unit floor area/month.
The Lancaster Atrium Suites are now available on​ the​ very affordable and competitive New Payment Plan that provides for Suites to​ be purchased on​ a​ No Interest No Down Payment basis with 67% of​ the​ payment payable over 60 equal consecutive monthly installments without interest and the​ 33% balance payable upon turnover of​ the​ unit or​ to​ be paid over an​ additional 5 years from turnover through our hassle free no prequalification In-House Finance Plans enthused Collingz.
The current selling price [effective October 15,​ 2018] for the​ Lancaster Manila Atrium Tower a​ Tax Exempt Studio Units is​ Pesos 75,​888 per sqm .​
The One Bedroom,​ Two and Three Bedroom Suites are priced at​ Pesos 84,​994.56 per sqm including Government Taxes [R-Vat 12%] .​
Units may be purchased on​ a​ Six Year No Interest Charge Term of​ payment or​ longer term 12 year In-House financing plans .​
Turnover of​ units for Tower a​ will be from December 2010
All payments are made to​ the​ Lancaster Suites Manila Atrium Tower a​ Equitable PCI Bank Escrow Trust Account esuring PCPI’s Buy Safe policy .​
It is​ anticipated; given the​ track record on​ sales of​ Tower I​ Units that property appreciation for initial buyers of​ Tower a​ Atrium Units will be at​ least 60-70% on​ turnover of​ units said Collingz

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