Play 10 Strategic Ways To Be Time Rich And Stress Free

Play 10 Strategic Ways To Be Time Rich And Stress Free

1. Retrain your self-talk,​ to​ remove selfish from your vocabulary and replace it​ with self-care. in​ order for you​ to​ take care of​ the​ people you​ love you​ need to​ take care of​ yourself first. Friends,​ family,​ loved ones look to​ you​ as​ a​ model,​ make sure to​ model self-care,​ taking time to​ play,​ relax,​ and read. This is​ especially important for parents; this will give your children the​ confidence to​ have the​ same healthy behaviors.

2. Give yourself time for delays and unexpected events. When mapping out your day add an​ extra hour cushion to​ your schedule. This extra time will keep you​ stress free and running on​ time if​ some of​ your appointments are delayed,​ or​ if​ you​ run into someone you​ haven't seen in​ a​ while,​ so you​ can enjoy a​ spontaneous conversation without the​ guilt of​ running behind schedule.

3. Balance out your commitments. a​ great way to​ cut down on​ a​ hectic schedule is​ to​ balance out all new activities by removing an​ old activity. Don't add anything new,​ work,​ classes,​ volunteer activities,​ etc unless you​ first remove something from your schedule to​ balance it​ out. This will help you​ to​ let go of​ projects and time wasters that no longer serve you.

4. No is​ not a​ bad word,​ in​ fact,​ it's not only a​ complete sentence it's a​ great stress reducing word. There is​ no need to​ justify or​ explain when you​ say no to​ someone's request. Just give them a​ friendly smile thank them for including you​ and tell them you​ can't do it​ this time. if​ you​ are having trouble getting used to​ saying no right away,​ tell the​ person you​ need some time to​ think about it,​ then call them later and decline to​ be involved this time.

5. Maximize your commute and errands. if​ you​ have errands to​ run for business or​ home combine them to​ one trip. Make doctor’s appointments for yourself or​ your family members back to​ back and see if​ you​ can get appointments first thing in​ the​ morning before the​ doctor is​ running behind. Order you​ business supplies online to​ save time,​ most business supply websites can store your most frequently ordered purchases in​ a​ file so all you​ have to​ do is​ select the​ item you​ want and have it​ delivered with just one click.

6. Improve your home environment one room at​ a​ time. Even if​ you​ have the​ budget for a​ complete makeover,​ remodeling and redecorating can be very time consuming and stressful projects. Try working on​ just one room at​ a​ time. Pick a​ few rooms in​ your house that you​ enjoy the​ most and spend most of​ your time in​ when your home. Select your favorite and create an​ environment that is​ pleasing to​ the​ eye and gives you​ comfort and positive energy. This will give you​ a​ haven in​ your home and the​ encouragement to​ tackle another room when you're ready.

7. Being spontaneous is​ a​ very exhilarating feeling that gives you​ a​ real sense of​ freedom. Make sure to​ leave time in​ your life every week to​ be spontaneous. Cutting things out of​ your life that are time zappers and stressful will also give you​ the​ energy to​ be spontaneous. Keep at​ least two weekends a​ month free from scheduled activities. Then you​ can decide to​ take a​ short trip,​ have a​ date with your partner,​ a​ special family event,​ or​ kick your feet up and do absolutely nothing and feel wonderful about it.

8. Highlight those time wasters. Instead of​ just making up another long to​ do list so you​ can beat your self up about all the​ things you​ didn't and couldn't possible have accomplished in​ one day. Make a​ realistic to​ do list. Put the​ things that are most important to​ you​ on​ the​ top,​ then next to​ each item list the​ amount of​ time you​ think it​ will take to​ get it​ done. This will help you​ get your important things done and show you​ where your time wasters are.

9. Under promise and over deliver. This is​ very useful in​ business and in​ your life. By selecting reasonable deadlines you​ avoid the​ stress of​ crunch time,​ use your time effectively and you​ will be able to​ finish ahead of​ schedule giving you​ satisfaction for a​ job well done and turned in​ early.

10. Define what life and work without stress would look like to​ you. Describe what your ideal schedule is,​ what leisure activities you​ want to​ do and who you​ want to​ spend time with. By creating a​ detailed image of​ what a​ stress free schedule looks like,​ you​ can begin to​ take the​ steps necessary to​ clearing out the​ stress.

Play 10 Strategic Ways To Be Time Rich And Stress Free

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