Plastic Is No Longer A Luxury

Plastic Is No Longer A Luxury

Plastic is​ No Longer a​ Luxury
Luxury was the​ word that we​ once linked with credit cards .​
However,​ in​ today's world,​ they are on​ their way to​ becoming a​ necessity .​
In the​ past,​ credit cards used to​ be flaunted by the​ people who carried them .​
They indicated one's financial status .​
But the​ situation is​ very different now .​
With everyone owning multiple credit cards,​ credit card holders are no longer an​ exception .​
They are fast becoming the​ rule .​
Moreover,​ credit cards are no longer looked upon as​ temptresses that make us unable to​ resist buying more and more .​
These days,​ they go everywhere with us,​ allowing us to​ purchase necessary things with the​ greatest ease.
I still remember the​ time when I​ got my first credit card .​
I​ opened a​ student account in​ the​ credit union of​ my university and got a​ credit card without any questions asked .​
At that time,​ I​ did not know how lucky I​ was to​ get a​ card with such great ease .​
Since that was the​ first plastic that I​ possessed in​ my whole life,​ it​ was tough to​ be responsible .​
But I​ was a​ business major and knew all the​ pitfalls of​ bad financial management .​
So better sense prevailed and I​ maintained top notch credit history.
With credit cards now being available to​ all classes of​ people,​ credit card providers certainly are doing well .​
People today have a​ mind-boggling array of​ credit cards .​
What is​ great is​ that most of​ these credit cards have attractive options .​
The terms of​ repayment have become much simpler,​ and there are great bargains to​ be found .​
With competition on​ the​ rise among credit card providers,​ they are left with no choice but to​ provide hefty discounts in​ order to​ expand their clientele .​
Thus,​ there are deals like 0% interest credit cards and cards that offer various kinds of​ rewards including cash back and travel rewards.
The credit card seeker today has much to​ choose from .​
Not only are there scores of​ credit card providers,​ but each provider also offers credit cards of​ great variety .​
It really is​ a​ dream come true for the​ person who depends on​ credit cards for everything .​
Even shifting from one credit card provider to​ another is​ a​ great deal simplified .​
Many companies are now offering 0% balance transfers .​
Thus,​ even switching credit cards is​ no longer the​ exception,​ with each person seeking a​ better deal.
The large number of​ credit card providers and deals in​ the​ market also bodes well for those who are looking for great new deals .​
The providers are trying to​ come up with various perks to​ bring in​ the​ customers .​
They are now targeting teenagers and young adults who are still in​ school and college .​
The aim now is​ to​ catch them young and build brand loyalty .​
The negative of​ this catch them young policy is​ that younger holders might be struggling with debt before they even land a​ regular job .​
However,​ the​ advantage is​ that they will gain some experience of​ financial affairs even before they start earning .​
Credit cards are here to​ stay .​
Are we​ ready for them?

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