Planning A Stress Free New Years Eve Party

Planning a​ Stress Free New Years Eve Party
If you​ are in​ the​ process of​ planning a​ New Years Eve party,​ you​ likely want to​ make the​ event as​ stress free as​ possible .​
While there is​ always some stress involved in​ planning any event,​ there are a​ number of​ steps you​ can take in​ reducing the​ amount of​ stress involved while you​ are planning your New Years Eve party .​
This article will focus on​ providing tips for keeping the​ stress level to​ a​ minimum when planning a​ New Years Eve party .​
There may still be a​ few areas which cause concern or​ stress but if​ you​ follow these tips,​ the​ event will likely be more enjoyable for you​ and the​ guests.
Consider making the​ dress for the​ event casual instead of​ formal to​ create a​ more stress free environment .​
This simple stress can be very effective for reducing the​ stress level .​
First of​ all,​ if​ the​ affair is​ casual,​ the​ host will have to​ spend less time getting dressed for the​ party .​
This is​ important because the​ host often becomes quite stressed out on​ the​ day of​ the​ party because she is​ trying to​ take care of​ last minute details while she is​ also worried about getting dressed for the​ party .​
It also helps to​ reduce the​ stress level because guests expect more elegant food for a​ formal party than they do for a​ casual party so there is​ less stress to​ prepare and serve an​ elaborate meal at​ the​ party.
Regardless of​ the​ type of​ food you​ decide to​ serve,​ preparing the​ food for a​ New Years Eve party can be a​ significant cause of​ stress .​
Hiring a​ caterer is​ the​ most efficient way to​ minimize this stress .​
When hiring a​ caterer the​ host may have a​ great deal of​ work during the​ planning phases in​ selecting a​ caterer,​ tasting the​ food and selecting dishes for the​ menu,​ but once this is​ done the​ host only has to​ worry about coordinating the​ delivery and service of​ the​ food .​
This leaves the​ hostess free to​ focus on​ other elements of​ the​ party and prevents her from spending a​ great deal of​ time in​ the​ kitchen on​ the​ evening of​ the​ party.
While hiring a​ caterer is​ an​ excellent idea,​ it​ can be rather expensive .​
Fortunately there are also a​ number of​ inexpensive options for minimize the​ stress associated with preparing the​ food for a​ New Years Eve party .​
One fun way to​ do this is​ to​ make the​ party a​ potluck event .​
Having guests bring dishes such as​ side dishes,​ salads,​ appetizers,​ desserts and even main dishes or​ drinks greatly reduces the​ amount of​ work for the​ host .​
In this scenario the​ host only has to​ worry about providing one or​ two items and coordinating the​ other guests to​ ensure they do not all bring similar items .​
Another inexpensive option which can help to​ reduce the​ amount of​ stress typically associated with preparing the​ food for a​ New Years Eve party is​ to​ serve only appetizers,​ desserts and cocktails at​ the​ party .​
This is​ significantly less expensive as​ appetizers are traditionally much less expensive than main course items .​
It is​ also acceptable to​ do this because most New Years Eve parties do not start until 8:00-9:00 at​ night .​
It is​ acceptable to​ assume most guests will have had dinner earlier in​ the​ evening but as​ a​ courtesy to​ the​ guests it​ is​ worthwhile to​ indicate on​ the​ invitations that only appetizers and desserts will be served .​

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