Planning For Successful Website Marketing

For the​ network marketer,​ having a​ central website location to​ send potential customers is​ a​ must have. But this does no good if​ nobody sees your website. in​ order to​ be seen,​ the​ website needs to​ be marketed. Therefore,​ prior planning for successful website marketing is​ required.

It may sound tough,​ but it​ really isn’t if​ you​ just ask yourself a​ few key questions and then act on​ the​ answers as​ they apply to​ your business. This is​ not about your expectations or​ projections,​ but about who your optimal customer is​ and what you​ can do to​ bring them to​ your website

Step one is​ recognizing who you​ are marketing to. These questions can help define your optimal customer:

1. Are they male or​ female?
2. Do they work at​ home or​ outside?
3. Are they professional,​ blue collar,​ business owner or​ a​ stay at​ home worker?
4. Household income?
5. Can they afford my product/service as​ a​ single purchase,​ occasionally or​ on​ a​ regular basis?
6. Will they purchase my product/service as​ a​ gift or​ for themselves?
7. How much time do they spend online?
8. Where do they shop for these things? Online,​ in​ physical stores or​ both?

Once you​ know these things,​ you​ will have a​ demographic image of​ your optimal customer. Now you​ can go on​ to​ the​ second step,​ which is​ choosing where and how to​ place your ads. There are many possibilities here. a​ couple of​ the​ most popular are site submission and newsletter placement. Whichever you​ decide to​ use,​ make sure the​ site or​ newsletter is​ a​ good fit for your ad. Look at​ other ads placed there and make sure competition isn’t too fierce and that they complement your ad.

Another really good method is​ pay per click. Make sure you​ find a​ service that allows you​ control over daily spending. This can be a​ bit expensive,​ so be sure to​ stay inside your budget,​ which is​ step three. Tally up how much you​ can spend on​ advertising,​ create a​ list of​ good fits and what the​ cost of​ each is​ and cross reference it​ with your targets for ad placement. Some folks will say budgeting should be done first,​ but you​ need to​ know the​ costs involved first,​ so do a​ little homework here.

Next you​ want to​ consider the​ content of​ your ad(s). This is​ where creativity is​ invaluable. Think about what you​ are selling and create “buzz words” that elicit an​ emotional response in​ the​ reader. For instance,​ if​ your product is​ insurance,​ you​ are selling security. if​ the​ product is​ weight loss,​ you​ are selling higher quality of​ life. Also,​ stay away from using me,​ mine,​ our,​ us or​ I. This is​ counterproductive and will turn off prospective customers quickly. Make the​ customer feel like they NEED your product. Lastly,​ you​ want to​ track your ads closely and watch for trends,​ upswings and downswings. This tells you​ what is​ and isn’t working. Don’t be afraid to​ tweak your ads constantly to​ optimize their performance. you​ need to​ know this so you​ can effectively raise sales conversions.

A little planning goes a​ long way towards your success,​ so get and stay organized.

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