Pay Per Click And Search Engine Optimization A Perfect Marriage Popular Viral Marketing Techniques

Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization – a​ Perfect Marriage & Popular Viral Marketing Techniques
Pay per click or​ search engine optimization,​ which one should you​ use? Many view PPC marketing as​ a​ colossal waste of​ money while others disdain search engine optimization .​
In reality,​ the​ two marketing strategies form a​ perfect marriage .​
Pay-Per-Click - PPC
PPC marketing is​ a​ love it​ or​ hate platform .​
For the​ love it​ crowd,​ PPC marketing is​ a​ way to​ get instant exposure and feedback on​ site designs .​
In a​ matter of​ minutes,​ you​ can start receiving traffic and adjusting your site to​ convert the​ traffic at​ the​ best rate possible .​
For those in​ the​ hate it​ crowd,​ bids are too high and one never knows how many of​ the​ clicks are fake and worthless .​
Search Engine Optimization – SEO
As with PPC,​ seo marketing has its proponents and detractors .​
Those who love it​ look at​ the​ free traffic and glorious profitability of​ a​ site that converts the​ traffic at​ a​ decent rate .​
Detractors view seo as​ an​ unnecessary waste of​ time since it​ can take a​ year or​ more to​ get high rankings,​ particularly on​ Google .​
Detractors also argue that high listings are subject to​ changes in​ the​ search engine ranking process,​ which means you​ can lose your rankings .​
So,​ who is​ right? in​ truth,​ both sides make accurate arguments .​
PPC is​ expensive and click fraud is​ a​ monstrous problem .​
Seo produces free traffic,​ but it​ takes along time to​ get to​ the​ top and rankings are subject to​ the​ whims of​ search engine ranking changes .​
The truth,​ of​ course,​ is​ both marketing platforms should be used whenever possible .​
Marketing Marriage
Every site is​ unique,​ but most should combine PPC and seo marketing as​ part of​ an​ overall internet marketing strategy .​
When starting out,​ the​ PPC campaign is​ critical for getting immediate traffic and tweaking the​ site to​ maximize conversions .​
At the​ same time,​ a​ seo campaign should be undertaken .​
As the​ site rises in​ search results,​ the​ PPC campaign should be phased out for the​ relevant high listings .​
PPC and seo marketing are not mutually exclusive .​
When married together as​ part of​ an​ overall marketing strategy,​ both platforms will deliver the​ goods.
Popular Viral Marketing Techniques
Viral Marketing is​ all about giving away your own free product or​ service along with your ad copy (contact information,​ link,​ email,​ etc.) .​
In turn,​ recipients of​ your free product are allowed to​ pass it​ along to​ their own clients,​ prospects,​ visitors and others as​ a​ freebie .​
This is​ a​ quick way to​ multiple your marketing at​ no extra expense and without extra effort on​ your part .​
Here are some popular viral marketing techniques to​ follow:
1 .​
EBooks – Share your no cost eBook with your website visitors .​
Include a​ nice full-color ad for your most popular product line with links to​ your website and email .​
Tell recipients to​ share copies of​ the​ eBook with their own site visitors and other contacts .​
2 .​
Software - Share a​ trial or​ lite version of​ your software with your website visitors as​ a​ freebie .​
Don’t forget to​ include that ad for your most popular product line with links to​ your website and email .​
And tell recipients to​ share copies of​ the​ software with their own site visitors and other contacts .​
For help creating software,​ hire help from online bid sites like .​
3 .​
Web Host – Offer to​ host small business web sites on​ your server at​ no charge .​
In exchange,​ place your own banner ad at​ the​ top of​ the​ site for viral marketing .​
You can setup a​ fold for their site and they can choose their own domain name and have it​ redirected to​ that folder .​
4 .​
Templates – Design your own website or​ other templates,​ include your own marketing information on​ them and give them away as​ free downloads or​ as​ an​ electronic package .​
Grant permission for recipients to​ pass them along .​
5 .​
Articles – Write articles about your industry .​
Include your website and contact information in​ the​ byline and grant permission for others to​ publish as​ long as​ they keep the​ byline intact .​
Then people can use your contact on​ websites,​ in​ ezines,​ newsletters and other places where once again,​ viral marketing will speed the​ spread of​ information about your business .​
6 .​
Discussion Board - Set up a​ Discussion Board on​ your website with your banner ad attached at​ the​ top .​
And invite others to​ link to​ it​ and use it​ for their own sites .​
In summary,​ by using viral marketing strategies,​ you​ can reach out all over the​ Internet with much less effort .​
See which methods work best for you​ and repeat them as​ often as​ needed.
Pay Per Click And Search Engine Optimization A Perfect Marriage Popular Viral Marketing Techniques Pay Per Click And Search Engine Optimization A Perfect Marriage Popular
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